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Sens.dll Error and Virus Alerts -- Repair Guide!

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Sens.dll error
Sens.dll error messages and virus alerts usually popup in two situations that I’ll describe in a moment. I’ll provide you with three helpful tools that each of them will enable you to handle the main causes to problems with this dll module. Hope you’ll find it useful.

About Sens.dll
System Event Notification Service (SENS) is a System file, part of Windows OS.
Located under C:\Windows\System32.
Windows OS uses this file in order to properly synchronize the data transfer between your computer and mobile devices, without this file, it would be impossible for your computer to properly communicate with mobile devices.

Common problems
There are two problems that arise that are related to Sens.dll – the first is that several anti-virus programs might consider it as virus infected. In other situations Windows might popup errors messages telling you that [application’s name] caused an exception c06d007eH in module SENS.DLL or that this file is missing from your computer.

What causes this error?
(1) Virus infection
(2) False positive alert from your anti-virus that the file is infected
(3) The file is missing or corrupt
(4) Corrupt or missing registered file paths related to this file

How to repair this dll error

(1) Conduct an in-depth virus scan to your system
I highly recommend you to switch to Microsoft Security Essentials- Microsoft’s free anti-virus. It is very reliable and most importantly, since this dll is part of Windows OS, I would rely on Microsoft telling me whether this file is an original intact system file or it is indeed infected.

No viruses were detected? Move to the next step…

(2) Scan your system files and replace damaged files
Simply use your Windows System File Checker (SFC) command line to do that for you. If this dll is damaged, this Windows repair tool will replace it with a new one.

If this doesn’t help either…

(3) Check for other Sens.dll related errors
As explained earlier, one or several registered paths related to this dll might be incorrect or broken. Use the following errors detection tool in order to detect such problematic paths and repair them.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths


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