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Setupapi.dll Error Repair Guide!

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Setupapi.dll error
Setupapi.dll error may occur due to several reasons that I’ll talk about in a moment. In the following post you’ll find several ways that’ll enable you to overcome errors related to this dll file.

About Setupapi.dll
Windows Setup API located in the following path: C:\Windows\System32.
This important dll module enables the installation, removal, as well as the maintenance of programs installed on your Windows system.

Typical problems
(1) Error messages about the file being corrupt.
(2) Errors messages telling you that the file is missing while trying to log-in to Windows OS.

Causes to this error
These errors usually popup when Setupapi.dll is damaged or missing from your computer. Another common reason – missing or damaged related registered file paths.

Quick repair guide

(1) Run Windows System File Checker (SFC)
This System File Checker command line detects and replaces damaged system files, so if something went wrong with this dll, this should replace it by a new one.

If no problems were detected with the file…

(2) Scan for Setupapi.dll related errors and repair them
Use the following Windows errors repair tool in order to detect any existing errors related to this dll file. It’ll be able to detect (and repair) such errors within 2-3 minutes.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths


Can’t login or access to your Windows?
Restart Windows, but this time upload Windows in Safe Mode, while in safe mode follow the above repair guide.


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