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Singleinstance class ytsingleinstance.dll Error - Solved!

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Dll errors | Singleinstance class ytsingleinstance.dll Error
I can understand your situation with the Singleinstance class ytsingleinstance.dll error – frustrating, isn’t it? I have also encountered some errors regarding dll files in the past but using the following method I was able to find the root cause of these problems and successfully repair them. In this article, we will discuss about that core cause and the course of action that I have taken to fix these kinds of problems.

About Dll errors
DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. The same DLL files can be shared among various applications to perform various functions. Because of the fact that these files are shared among different applications, it isn’t uncommon to encounter errors related with these files in frequent intervals of time.

The symptoms may include starting problems of your PC, problems in sharing file links, multiple pop up errors and more.

The root cause of this error
Have you heard of Windows registry? You must have, if you belong to any computer science background. This term is related to Windows Operating System. The Windows registry can be called as the backbone of the operating system because it contains the details of all the running programs in its huge database.

It contains all the information related to hardware, various user profiles, and the system configuration. We can say that it manages and keeps track of all the important activities that we perform on our PC.

Now, the reason for the Singleinstance class ytsingleinstance.dll error is the disintegration or damage caused to the registry system. This damage is caused due numerous reasons and as a result, some relevant dll files might be considered as ‘missing’ from the registry, thus causing errors related to this file.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Fixing the problem
Based on the experience I have gathered over the years, in order to fix this Singleinstance clasytsingleinstance.dll error I would strongly recommend you to make use of a reliable registry diagnostics and repair program . I have practically used this specific program for almost two years now and it had helped me a lot in eliminating dll related errors.


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Betty Anderson Nov 9, 2012

Yaron, Are you familiar with Advanced SystemCare 6.0 Pro program? Would you recommend it for damaged reristered dll file paths repair? Also, would there be a conflict between the two programs? Meaning Advance SystemsCare 6.0 Pro and the damaged registered dll file path repair program you talked about?

Yaron Nov 9, 2012

Hi Betty,

To be honest I never tried the tool you’re talking about – I can only recommend tools and solutions that I personally tried. Anyway, there shouldn’t be a problem installing both tools one next to each other. The tool that I recommend you is backed with excellent human support team to assure that by the end of the process your dll error is completely resolved. Let me know if you have any further questions.



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