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Skutil.dll Can't Load Errors? This Solves the Problem!

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Dll errors | Skutil.dll errors
Skutil.dll errors are quite easy to repair by anyone who’s technical enough to mess with their Windows registry system. However, this becomes a problem for non-technical users who haven’t got a clue how to repair these kinds of errors on their own. In this article I’d like to provide a little troubleshooting tip for the average PC user.

What do we know about this file
First of all, we know that it is part of the installation process of programs such as PowerDirector and Power DVD, as well as InstallShield.

Even if you’ve never installed these programs on your computer, there’s obviously another program installed on your computer that uses or to be more precise, tries unsuccessfully to use this file.

What causes Skutil.dll errors to popup?
In a very high probability your Windows registry system isn’t configured correctly, or it had got damaged in a particular area that concerns this specific dll. In that situation the application that tries to ‘call’ that .dll file via the registry system, is unable to do so!

Windows then pops up error messages such as:

Can’t load…
Failed to load…

Fixing these error messages
As mentioned earlier there’s a manual procedure that requires you to open your registry system in order to edit and update various registry entries in order to fix the problem.

Again, messing with the registry system isn’t recommended unless you’re a professional Windows expert who knows exactly what he’s/she’s doing! Editing/deleting the wrong registry entries might cause you additional troubles and even crash your entire Windows system.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

The safest (and easiest…) way to handle Skutil.dll errors for the non-expert PC users is done via an advanced Windows errors repair tool. It is designed to track down and repair various Windows errors, especially those caused by a damaged registry system, but not only that (faulty drivers, malware, and other).


It is highly recommended to immediately detect and replace (via the same repair tool) ALL your outdated or defective system and device drivers. These kinds of drivers are known for causing severe Windows errors, including blue screen crashes, other dll errors, and application crashes.


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