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Sqmapi.dll Missing Error -- Repair Guide!

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Sqmapi.dll missing error
There are several ways to handle an Sqmapi.dll missing error and the following post will show you how to do that. Follow the instructions provided in this quick guide by their order and you’ll be able to get rid of this error.

About Sqmapi.dll
SQM Client module which is part of Windows OS. Location: C:\Windows\System32 folder. This dll module is used by Microsoft to send important data about your Windows OS in order to enhance and improve their Windows OS customer’s experience. It is part of their CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program).

Common known problems
Error messages related to this file vary from one computer to another and occur in various situations – while using USB flash drives, MP3 players, while installing Windows 7 service packs, and more. A typical error message - unable to open sqmapi.dll . This file is either corrupt or is not designed to run with Windows.

The causes to this error
As you’ve probably already figured out, the file must have gotten corrupted somehow, or it is missing from your computer, or you’re using an incompatible version of this file. Another common cause are incorrect or corrupt registered file paths related to this dll – usually occurs due to improper installation or removal of other programs that use this dll.

Repair guide

(1) Scan Windows using the SFC command line repair tool
The SFC /scannow (Windows System File Checker) is extremely useful for situations where system files are corrupted, missing, or incompatible. This tool is already embedded in your Windows system and can easily fix such problems. Scan your Windows using this tool and see if it fixes the problem.

If it hasn’t fixed the problem:

(2) Scan for Sqmapi.dll missing related errors
There’s probably a missing, incorrect, or corrupt registered file path(s) related to this dll. Use the following errors detection tool in order to scan and detect errors related to this dll. By the end of the scan review the final errors report – should it detect any errors related to this file then it’ll indicate the source of these errors and enable you to fix them.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths


Add your tips
Feel free to add additional tips related to this error – just post them below.


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nancy johnson Aug 19, 2012

Yaron the #1 tip fixed my problem I have looked for months to fix this.Thank you so very much. but now I get an error code 8E5E0442. It is always something .Thank you once again.

Nancy Johnson

Yaron Aug 19, 2012

Hi Nancy,

Glad I could help resolving the problem. As for the other error – it seems like it is related to a problem with Windows update:

(1)  See my comment from yesterday - try my advice

If this doesn't help:

(2) Try the tips provided here

If this doesn't help either, then I suggest you trying to detect and then repair the source of the error via this errors detection and repair tool.

Let me know if that helps.

Richard Aug 18, 2012

Having a problem downloading windows update - requires sqmapi.dll file which seems to be missing.

Can you help?

kind regards,



Yaron Aug 18, 2012

Have you tried the two tips I've provided above?
If you did and from some reason it didn't solve the problem you might want to try and 'reverse' your Windows configuration to the Windows update which came before the current one that you're trying to update - via Windows System Restore, then restart Windows and try to update Windows once again - let me know if that solved the problem.


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