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Symantec Intrusion Prevention ipsbho.dll Error - Solution!

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Dll errors | Symantec intrusion prevention ipsbho.dll error
If you’re facing the Symantec intrusion prevention ipsbho.dll error, then it’s time to wake up because these types of errors, if left untreated, can lead to serious consequences regarding your PC. Anyway, I got a permanent way out for this error.

The symptoms
Symantec’s intrusion prevention application is a part of the Symantec software suite.
The ipsbho.dll file is a part of the intrusion detection program and it works with the browser to help detect malwares and spywares before they infect the computer.

The file name stands for IPS Browser helper dll. It is usually located in:
C:\Program files\common files\Symantec shared\IDS\

The usual file size is 107,896 bytes. This dll file is very important as it performs critical functions and if something goes wrong with that file, Symantec’s application cannot operate successfully. Unfortunately, sometimes various error messages associated with this filemight emerge in the computer screen.

A typical error message is:
Symantec intrusion prevention ipsbho.dll file not found or missing etc.

Possible causes
The specific error is usually caused due to the deletion or corruption of this dll file.
Another quite common reason is the corruption of your Windows registry system in the parts where the registry handles this dll file.

All this trouble is usually caused due to two main reasons:
(1) Recent malware infection
(2) Damages caused to the registry due to malware or due to incomplete removal or installation of a program.

What are the solutions?
The fact that we must know before opting for the solution is that there are high chances that this problem is related this way or another to the Windows registry.

Windows registry is one of the most important parts of Windows as it stores the paths of all dlls like that of we are discussing. Now, when Windows registry gets damaged due to what I’ve explained earlier, if it can’t access or find that dll file, it alerts in the form of a popup error.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

The solution to Symantec intrusion prevention ipsbho.dll error is quite simple – all it actually requires is using a reliable Windows errors repair tool. This kind of tool is designed to scan the entire Windows system in order to detect and remove malware and malware damages caused to the registry that later create these dll errors.


Check all your system as well as your device drivers via this repair tool. Problematic drivers are known as another source of trouble that causes dll errors to popup.


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