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User32.dll Missing Error -- Use these Repair Tips!

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User32.dll missing error
There are several solutions for those who encounter the User32.dll missing error or other common errors related to this dll. Use the tips provided below and at least one of the should enable you to fix the problem.

About User32.dll
This is a critical Windows OS file, without it Windows won’t be able to work properly. The file is described by Microsoft as Multi-User Windows USER API Client DLL and you can find it at C:\Windows\System32. Basically this dll is used for storing instructions for graphic elements (graphic windows as one example).

Common problems
Errors related to this dll usually occur when you try to launch an application which requires this dll, and you receive an error message that contains this dll in the error’s description.

Causes to this error
Usually you’d encounter errors and problems with User32.dll when it is missing from your computer or when it is damaged. Another reason is using an older or incompatible version of this file. So when a third party program tries to use that file, it’ll not be able to run or work properly.

Quick repair tips

(1) Run your Windows System File Checker (SFC) repair tool
There’s a simple command line in Windows that runs a repair tool called System File Checker – it replaces missing system files and repairs them if they are found to be incompatible or damaged.

In case that didn’t solve the problem…

(2) Check for incompatible or old drivers and replace them
In many cases the User32.dll missing error occurs if one of your installed programs’ drivers is corrupted, or it is incompatible, or obsolete. You need to detect such problematic drivers and replace them with updated and compatible ones.

In order to detect and replace problematic drivers:
(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) It’ll scan and diagnose all your installed drivers
(3) Wait for the final Drivers report
(4) See which drivers are flagged as problematic
(5) Replace those drivers with compatible and updated ones
(6) Restart your PC


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