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Vorbis.dll Missing Error and Its Quick Repair

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Dll errors | Vorbis.dll missing error
In the following post I’d like to provide some details about the Vorbis.dll missing error and then show you a little tip that’ll enable you to detect and repair the source of this problem. As usual, I’ll try to make it simple for the non-techies.

What is Vorbis.dll?
I found out that it was created by Christopher Montgomery of Xiph Community. This file is part of A2 Media Player. What it does is basically accepting input audio; it then divides it into individual frames that are later compressed into raw, unformatted packets. You can usually find this dll file at: C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\.

Known problems
This file has been reported as involved in ‘incidents’ especially among PC games players. Errors related to this file usually include the following messages:

Bad windows image, ...dll not found
The application or DLL F:\...\...dll is not a valid windows image

The source of these problems
I found out that in most cases the ‘blame’ is usually on an old/incompatible/damaged sound card driver(s). You need to make sure that all your sound card related driver(s) are compatible to your device and most importantly: up-to-date.

Identifying and replacing incompatible drivers
I’m using the following free method whenever I need to check my device drivers.
It enables me to know in about 2 minutes whether something went wrong with one/several of my drivers. It specifies which driver is making you problems. This way I know which driver(s) malfunction and need to be replaced.

Since the Vorbis.dll missing error is caused due to one of your sound card related drivers, I highly recommend you to quickly scan all your device drivers in order to confirm that.

(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Wait for it to scan all your device drivers
(3) Open the Drivers final report
(4) See if it has detected any problematic drivers
(5) Replace those drivers with their compatible version
(6) Restart your PC


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