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Vorbisfile.dll Not Found Error -- How to Handle it!

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Dll errors | Vorbisfile.dll not found error
The Vorbisfile.dll not found error can create a lot of problems if not treated in the proper way. This is an error related to video processing software. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the error before I’ll show you how to solve this problem.

What do we know about this file?
This dynamic link library module is associated with Nandub software. It is a video capture and video processing software for Microsoft Windows. The software is equipped with various capture features such as capture to any AVI variant, overlay and preview modes, histogram, selectable crop area, video noise reduction and auto stop settings. The Nandub software is used to encode AVI files by making the use of DivX and MPEG4v2.

The particular dll file that we’re talking about is very much necessary for the proper working of the Nandub software. The file size is 35 KB. But at times, due to certain reasons explained later; problems might arise with this file. As a result, various types of error messages appear in the computer screen while attempting to open the particular program.

The Vorbisfile.dll not found error messages that users get from time to time are: dll not found, this application failed to start because dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem, the file dll is missing.

What causes this error?
The Windows registry is the basic cause that results in the dll errors. This is because the registry itself contains the paths to the various dll files that are present in the system. The dll files are associated with more than one program at a time. The programs need references from the specific dll files to operate properly.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

At certain situations; it happens that the dll file paths get corrupted or become mismatched due to various reasons such as virus attacks, improper installation and uninstallation. Viruses attack the registry directly and corrupt the file paths. They do this by injecting the embedded keys into the registry. The embedded keys are difficult to remove afterwards.

How to handle these errors
The ultimate measure you can take in order to fix the Vorbisfile.dll not found error is using a reliable Windows errors repair tool. This tool cleans up the whole registry and eliminates all types of obsolete entries, registry holes etc. It defragments the entire registry and re-indexes all the necessary files. It also extracts the embedded registry keys added to the registry by malware.


Missing dll files
In many situations when Windows pops up an error telling you that a dll file is missing, it isn’t really missing from your PC. It is either corrupted due to a malware and/or the dll file path is missing from your Windows registry. Again, the way to detect and repair these ‘missing’ errors is scanning your PC via a reliable repair tool. It should detect and remove any malware and/or detect and repair the damaged registry entries.


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