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What is a Dll File? Quick Guide and Dll Errors Repair Tips!

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Dll File
Dll file (Dynamic Link Library) is actually a library file; it contains code and data that can be shared by several different programs simultaneously. This method enables programmers to modularize their programs, this way programs may contain many different dll modules.

By modularizing programs via dlls, these program’s functionality and management becomes a lot easier and efficient. What it means in simple words is that developers of different programs may use the same existing codes and functionalities (Dlls) required for their unique programs.

As one advantage, this saves them the need to develop required codes that already exist and that can be shared and used by their unique programs.

Other advantages of using Dll files
• Easy program updates (no need to recompile or reinstall the whole program again)
• Reducing memory overhead as several programs share the same dll code
• Reducing disk space (several programs use the same dll, remember?)
• Windows and other programs load and run much faster

Other files that are implemented as Dll files
There are several other file types that are implemented as Dll files in Windows:

.ocx (ActiveX Controls)
.cpl (Control Panel)
.drv (Device Driver)

Dll protection by Windows
As you can see dll files are extremely essential files that enable your Windows OS and your other programs to run. Without these files, Windows and other programs might not run properly or might not run at all!

Due to that vulnerability, Windows prevents any unauthorized activity that attempts to delete or update system dlls.

Since programs depend on shared or ‘external’ dlls, they might not function properly or even terminate with an error dialog box, if a required dll file isn’t found.

Dll errors – causes and repair solutions
Here are the common causes to the majority of dll errors and their solutions.

(1) The Dll file is missing or corrupt
• The file might have been deleted by a mistake…
• You’ve installed a recent program that has overwritten your shared dll with an incorrect, corrupt, or obsolete dll file

What to do?
If the error started right after a recent install of a specific program, try to reinstall that program and verify that it is up-to-date with the latest version.

Doesn’t help? – Completely remove that program.

(2) Malware infection
Download this Windows errors repair tool in order to detect and remove that malware, then repair the damages it has left on your system.

(3) Registry errors
The registry file system keeps the paths and entries that point at dll files. If these paths are missing or incorrect, programs can’t find the required dlls and that results with various dll errors. Use a reliable Windows errors repair tool to repair damaged registry systems.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

(4) Problematic drivers
An Incorrect/obsolete/corrupt system or device driver is another common cause to dll errors. Use this tool to automatically detect and replace problematic drivers.


Experiencing dll errors?
If you experience any dll errors lately follow the above guidance – this should assist you in repairing the majority of dll errors.


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