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Windows Media Player wmp.dll Error -- How to Resolve it!

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Dll errors | Windows Media Player wmp.dll error
Once a Windows Media Player wmp.dll error shows up on your screen, there are two things that you need to do in order to resolve this problem. One solution is pretty obvious, while the other is less familiar, so please follow the next repair guidelines.

There are all ‘kinds’ of errors associated with this file, however the most common ones occur when your try to open/while using Windows Media Player. One of the following error messages usually pop up:

Error code 0x80020009,…will not register
The file…has a version number of XX.X.X.XXXX where XX.X.X.XXXX was expected.

Solution #1
You might want to remove your current WMP version, and then download and install the latest version. Pretty obvious, I know…, but the problem is that for many users this doesn’t resolve the problem at all!

Solution #2
If the first solution isn’t working, then this means that your Windows Media Player wmp.dll error comes from somewhere else. The problem most probably occurs due to a missing/wrong registry entry.

The only way to be able to detect and repair such a registry entry problem, is by scanning your entire Windows system via a reliable repair tool that specializes in detecting and repairing dll errors caused by problematic registry entries.

Unfortunately the Windows registry is quite a ‘fragile’ system component and various factors might affect it (software updates, removals, installations, and more). It is highly recommended to keep it intact and well maintained in order to resolve existing problem as well as preventing future problems.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

There’s another issue that you need to consider once a Windows Media Player wmp.dll error pops up – scan your entire PC in order to verify that it hasn’t been infected by a malware. Since most malware usually corrupt your registry as well, use this repair tool to detect and remove such malware as well as repair any damages that it might have left on your Windows registry system.


Remove programs you are no longer using - by doing this your PC will perform much better.


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