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Winhttp.dll Missing Error -- Fix it without any Dll Download!

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Winhttp.dll missing error
Getting Winhttp.dll missing error doesn’t necessarily means that something went wrong with that file so that it needs to be replaced. Actually, I advise you NOT to download this dll from anywhere. In a moment I’ll explain what it takes in order to fix this error.

What do we know about this dll file?
We know that it is a Windows system file, created by Microsoft Corporation. It was developed by Microsoft to enable HTTP functions (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to server programs. We also know that the file size is about 369KB and that it is usually located at:

C:\Windows or C:\Windows\system32

What causes the Winhttp.dll missing error?
Dll errors occur in most cases due to other factors than the dll file itself.
It doesn’t mean that for 100% nothing happened to that file or that it hasn’t been deleted somehow from your PC, but usually it is due to the following common factors:

(1) Malware / spyware
(2) Problem in Windows registry
(2) Defective driver(s)

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Why you should AVOID downloading dll files
Many users instinctively think that by downloading a copy of that dll from a random site and then replacing/placing it into the folder where they believe it belongs to, will solve the problem.

In most cases this won’t work and might even put your Windows at risk.
The same dll file might have dozens of versions, using wrong/old version not only will not solve that problem, but might even cause your Windows additional problems.

Trying to download dlls files from unofficial or random sites is risky – you have no idea whether the dll file version that you’re downloading is the correct one! And I haven’t mentioned the risk of downloading virus infected dll files…

How to resolve this error
Resolving Winhttp.dll missing error messages is simpler than you might think. Remember…? Most dll errors occur due to malware/spyware, damaged registry system, problematic drivers. The following Windows errors repair tool handles these three factors in a push of a button. Download it and let it scan your entire Windows system in order to detect and repair the point of failure that causes this error to erupt.


Besides repairing Windows errors this errors repair tool optimizes Windows operating systems so they work better, and more importantly – faster!


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