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Wlanapi.dll Not Found Error - Fix it - Donít Ignore it!

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Wlanapi.dll not found error
The Wlanapi.dll not found error arising in your computer can have various reasons. In this post I’ll discuss about some common causes of the error. If you’re encountering this error on a regular basis then go through this post so you’ll be able to fix it all by yourself.

Details about this dll
This dll file is a necessary module used in the wireless networking. A user cannot establish a wireless LAN if the respective dll is not present in the system. The dll module is developed by Microsoft and is essential for compiling and configuring all the Windows based wireless networks. In the Windows XP system, the Microsoft core XML service 6.0 must be installed in order to enable this file to work. The file size is approximately 33 KB.

However, users complain that they get the error messages when they use the Wireless Zero Configuration or the Wireless auto configuration. This is a service used for dynamically selecting a wireless network to connect and is based on user’s preferences and the default settings.

The error messages that are prevalent are as follows: dll not found, this application failed to start because dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem, the file dll is missing.

Common causes to this error
The Wlanapi.dll not found error is usually caused due to accumulation of invalid and unwanted data in the registry. The registry is one of the most important components of the operating system which contains all the information regarding the system configuration, the information about the device drivers etc.

The registry contains the paths of the dll files associated with the programs and correct file locations ensures the proper working of the application programs.

Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual that when a program is being removed improperly from the operating system, the associated extension files get deleted and it leaves behind vacant spaces that lead to fragmentation of the registry. The vacant spaces are called as registry holes and they create many problems for the registry over time due to over accumulation.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

There are other factors such as malware or spyware infection of the dll file as well as damaging the registry system, and the existence of incorrect or corrupt driver(s) in your system.

Quick repair of this error
One practical solution that enables you to repair this error and other common Windows errors is using a reliable Windows errors repair tool. It scans the registry for invalid file associations, shared dlls, malicious files and obsolete entries, as well as detecting and replacing problematic drivers.

In order to fix the Wlanapi.dll not found error, you should download this repair tool, run a quick scan and then enable it to repair the factors that cause this error to popup.


Don’t neglect Dll errors!
Whenever you get a dll error on screen don’t ignore it or ‘try to live’ with it. Such errors are usually only the symptoms to greater problems that if not being taken care of on time, might lead to program crashes and even system crashes.


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