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Wmvcore.dll Missing Error -- Causes and How to Fix it!

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Wmvcore.Dll missing error
Getting the Wmvcore.Dll missing error, every time you want to play an audio or video file can be really frustrating. If you’re facing the problem at the time of system startup or during startup of different programs, then you must investigate about the different reasons behind this error. This article is about to provide you with a detailed explanation about the respective dll file and the solution of the related errors.

Main symptoms of the error
Wmvcore.Dll missing error is related to the Microsoft LifeCam software which is used for performing live video calls. This dll module is a component of the Windows media library and it is used to compress and decompress media files. It is installed together with Windows Media Player. Thanks to this file, it is possible to play the WMV extension audio and video files.

This is an error that occurs mainly when you download Windows Live essentials onto a Windows 7 operating system. The wmp file is needed for many programs to open, convert, edit or save the media files.

The location of the respective dll file is C:\Windows\System32.

The error messages mostly occur when working with the LifeCam software. The various error messages that emerge out on screen include:

This application has failed to start because ...dll was not found
...dll not found
the file ...dll is missing

Causes of the problem
The main cause of most dll errors is a flawed Windows registry. The registry is an important part of the operating system and it contains a huge database of configuration information of users who are logged on to the system as one example.

It also includes all the configuration information related to hardware and software installed on your system. The dll file paths are also contained within the registry and proper paths ensure that the applications that are related to the dll files are running successfully.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Sometimes, due to several reasons; the dll file paths get destroyed. The main reasons behind this are the faulty installations and removals of applications. Another main cause is virus and Trojans attacks. They directly affect the Windows registry and interfere with the several healthy files linked with the programs.

The solution
Wmvcore.Dll missing error can be resolved by rectifying the whole Windows registry. This can be done efficiently with the help of a reliable Windows errors repair tool which is available for download in the internet. Professional repair tools come with various abilities that enable them to handle many Windows errors. After scanning and repairing your registry system, you can notice that the errors have disappeared and the system has started working in a faster way.


Faulty or corrupt drivers are another reason for getting dll errors – I highly recommend you to verify that you’re using correct and up-to-date system and device drivers.


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