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Wsock32.dll Error -- One Easy Way to Repair it!

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Wsock32.dll error
If you’ve gone frustrated with the wsock32.dll error then you need to consider two or more vital points so that you can fix the problem. You have to know in details about the root causes of the error and the symptoms, so that you can fix it.

Common symptoms of the error
This dll file is one of the most important Windows OS files. It’s designed to provide essential services for preventing system shut downs and incorrect usage of system memory. The file size is about 32.4 kb.

The common error messages that are prevalent with this dll module are:

...dll not found
this application failed to start because ...dll was not found
the file ...dll is missing

Causes of the error
The wsock32.dll error is caused due to varied reasons. The reasons may be deletion of specific registry keys, corruption of the files and settings, etc. But the main root cause of the problem is a defective Windows registry. The Windows registry is a huge database of different extension files that are related to the various programs that are running successfully in the system.

Unfortunately it happens that the registry gets infected by malware such as viruses and spyware and the respective dll file paths are removed or get corrupted by the malware, this results in the emergence of different error messages.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Another common cause - regular installations and uninstallations of programs can also cause the problem to exaggerate. The registry essentially contains the paths of the dll files. Dlls are being shared by the different programs at the same time.

As dlls are shared among two or more programs; if you uninstall one program from your computer; then the dll file path may also get deleted from your registry and then, when you try to open the other programs that were also sharing the same file, you will get error messages.

Repairing this error
One of the most effective solutions for the wsock32.dll error is to opt for a (reliable) Windows errors repair tool. These applications are very beneficial in removing any type of dll related errors from the computer. They thoroughly scan the registry for the sources that are causing problems in the computer and then automatically repair them.


It is highly recommended to scan the registry occasionally and verify that it hasn’t been corrupted or got damages due to the reasons explained above.


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