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Wwlib.dll Faulting Module Error -- How to Repair it!

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Wwlib.dll faulting module error
Wwlib.dll faulting module error and other errors associated with this file doesn’t necessarily indicate that something went wrong with the file itself. In the following article I’ll explain the reasons why these errors occur from the first place and how to solve them.

First of all, this error in most cases occurs with MS Office 2007 programs, and especially with MS WORD and MS Outlook. When you try to open one of these applications they might crash and Windows usually pops up an error message (sometimes together with c0000005 code error).

Just for your general knowledge, this dll file size is around 17MB (developed by Microsoft Corporation) and it is located under the following path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\office12

What causes the Wwlib.dll faulting module error?
As I mentioned earlier, the problem isn’t necessarily with the dll file itself, and actually in most cases it is about two other factors (actually three…) that you need to take a look at.

The first factor is a possible spyware or malware infection that not only might have infected that file, but corrupted the Windows registry entries that relate to that file as well. This is a very common issue when dealing with dll errors.

When registry entries that contain file paths to this dll are missing or incorrect, MS Office applications such as MS WORD can’t access that file and the result is an error message.

Another possible cause to this error is damage caused to your Windows registry due to problematic or incomplete software update.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

There’s another, third option… but I believe this one is less probable in this case – the existence of an incorrect or obsolete system or device driver.

Here is what you need to do…
The following Windows errors repair tool will track down the sources to this Wwlib.dll faulting module error by conducting a comprehensive scan to your Windows system. It’ll detect and remove malware and spyware, and then it’ll repair the damages that it might have left in your registry system. It’ll detect and repair any other damages caused to your registry and verify that all your system and device drivers are correct and intact (it’ll replace them with new ones if required).


After repairing this error via this repair tool, I highly recommend you to keep it on your PC side by side to your anti-virus software. It’ll keep your Windows system optimized so it’ll run faster, and keep it clean from possible future errors.


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