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Xvidcore.dll Error -- Here is One Way to Repair it!

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Dll errors | Xvidcore.dll error
The Xvidcore.dll error is one of the many dll errors that emerge in Windows system. This problem is very easy to mend once you get to know the root causes and the perfect symptoms of it. In this particular post, you’ll get to know all about it and the practical ways by the help of which you’ll be able to fix it.

Symptoms of the error
The XviD Codec is needed to be installed in order to play XviD movies. This codec is based on the MPEG-4 video compression technology. During the installation of this Codec, this dll module gets installed in the PC.

In several situations, error messages may crop up on screen while attempting to play the XviD files. Many users face the error when attempting to run a XviD movie or video using a media player such as Winamp or Windows Media Player.

The Xvidcore.dll error is generally a symptom that the error is caused due to a problem in the registry. The various error messages that crop up on screen in case of corruption are: ...dll file not found, this program requires the file ...dll, which was not found on this system, ...dll missing.

Causes of the error
The most common cause of these types of dll errors are registry problems. Normally, what happens is that whenever an application or software is being installed in the computer, the respective dll files associated with it get registered in the registry.

Many tasks are performed everyday on the PC and they are all being recorded in the Windows registry. Gradually, a lot of unwanted entries gather in the Windows registry and they interfere with the normal operation of the essential files.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

This damages and corrupts the registry entries, which causes system errors and crashes. Spyware or malware are another reason which is responsible for damaging the registry.

The solution for the Xvidcore.dll error is quite simple. You need the help of a reliable Windows errors repair tool – it is very helpful in mending various types of registry problems. These Windows errors repair tools are available for download over the internet and they can surely fix this dll error.


I highly recommend you to check your drivers . Faulty drivers are also known to cause various dll errors.


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