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Bttray.exe Error -- Use this Little Trick to Fix it!

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Bttray.exe error
I know that there are several ways to repair Bttray.exe error messages and other issues related to this executable, however, I found another ‘elegant’ solution to this problem. Moreover, the solution that I’m about to describe here can be applied with other similar problems that you might encounter in the future.

About Bttray.exe
It is Bluetooth Tray Application provided by Broadcom Corporation.
This application enables managing your Bluetooth devices’ configurations, so it is a vital application for the Bluetooth module. You can usually find this module installed in HP, Dell, and Lenovo PCs. (DON’T delete it!)

Common file path for this application: C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software

Known problems
Many users complain that problems begin right after a latest Windows update or after installing Windows Service Packs. The Bluetooth module won’t work properly (or won’t work at all…), it’ll start consuming 50%-90% of CPU, and in some cases it causes problems when trying to install new programs.

This is an important ‘clue’ to the cause of these problems…and in I minute I’ll explain why.

Common error messages:
unable to start the Bluetooth Stack Service
exe was not found
exe cannot initialize 0xc0150004

The cause
I quickly figured out the source to the majority of Bttray.exe error messages.
In two words: problematic driver(s)

No wonder…
It is well known that from time to time on Windows updates, some of your device drivers get updated with incompatible versions, or with versions that aren’t 1:1 compatible with your specific hardware device model – in this case, the Bluetooth device.

Of course it can be that your Bluetooth driver is (was…) the correct one, but somehow, it got corrupted or got replaced by an incorrect one (have you manually updated that driver lately…?). It may also be that one or several other drivers are incorrect/damaged.

Here is my solution
Since the problem is definitely a problematic driver(s), there are 3 things you need to do:

(1) Verify that you’re using a CORRECT and COMPATIBLE Bluetooth device driver
(2) Detect which of your other installed drivers is defective/incorrect
(3) Replace ALL problematic drivers with their most updated and compatible version

How can you tell which driver(s) are correct and which aren’t…?
Even if you know that, where can you find the EXACT required compatible drivers…?

Here is a little ‘elegant’ trick that solves this issue…

(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) It’ll conduct an in-depth scan to your PC…
(3) It’ll identify and diagnose each of your hardware devices
(4) By the end of the scan open the Drivers report
(5) You’ll get the list of all incorrect/incompatible drivers
(6) It enables you to replace all those drivers with their up-to-date compatible versions


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