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Ccsvchst.exe Problems? Use the Following Repair Guide!

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Exe errors | Ccsvchst.exe Problems
Problems with Ccsvchst.exe aren’t new, however there are several proven solutions to these problems that you should try out. In the following quick repair guide I’ll provide several options that at least one of them should work.

What is Ccsvchst.exe?
It is part of Norton AV or part of another Symantec program installed on your PC. Its main role is displaying the graphic user interface of the various Norton products.

Known problems
There are several known problems where this file is involved in:
(1) Consuming high CPU resources (50%-100%)
(2) Significant computer slowdowns and performance problems
(3) Error messages on computer shut downs

Step-by-step repair guide:

There are various reasons why these problems occur, anyway, follow these steps – at least one of them should solve the problem.

(1) Temporarily disable your Norton AV auto-protect
I have no idea which Norton AV version you’re using, anyway, most (if not all) of them enable you to temporarily disable the ‘Auto Protect’ option until the next restart.

(1) Disable your Norton AV ‘Auto-Protect’ option until “Next Restart”
(2) Restart your PC

See if the problem is gone. (You can check your Windows Task Manager for CPU usage)
If it isn’t, then…

(2) Disable the Floppy Disk Drive scan
If you’re not using your Floppy Disk Drive or you don’t even have one…, then disable your Norton AV from scanning your Floppy Disk Drive.

This was proven to solve many problems with this file on computer startups and shutdowns.

Has this solved the problem…?
If not, then…

(3) Check for any malware disguised as Ccsvchst.exe
If options #1+#2 didn’t help or you don’t even have Norton or any Symantec product installed on your PC, then this might be a hidden malware/spyware disguised as this exe file.

Conduct an in-depth virus scan via your anti-virus program – see if it finds anything.

If it found nothing, then…

(4) Check for any existing Ccsvchst.exe related errors
If the problem hasn’t been solved by now, then I recommend using the following Windows errors detection and repair tool.

(1) Download the following Windows errors repair tool
(2) It’ll conduct an in-depth scan to your PC
(3) Wait for the final errors report
(4) Review the list of errors – has it found anything about this file?

If it found errors related to this file, then it’ll tell you the source of the problem – it might be a damaged file path or a problematic application/driver installation.


Has it solved the problem?
Please tell us about it – post your comments below.


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