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Csc.exe Error Repair Guide -- Updated!

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Csc.exe error
The following post deals with the Csc.exe error. Follow these step-by-step guidelines in order to resolve the most common errors related to this executable file.

Csc.exe file description
First of all, this is a legitimate file from Microsoft, so high chances that this isn’t some kind of a virus. The file belongs to Visual C# Command Line Compiler (developing C# applications for the .NET Framework) and you can usually find it under the Framework folder or under one of its sub-folders: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\

Symptoms of problems
There are various ‘error situations’ where this file is involved with:
While browsing with Internet Explorer
On Windows shutdown
On Windows startup
Randomly and without any special visible reason…

Usually, Windows pops up an error message which indicates this file, it asks you to “allow” this exe file and even if you do not “allow”, this annoying error message keeps popping up.

Step-by-step repair guide:

In order to repair the Csc.exe error there are few possible solutions that work for different users with different Windows platforms and configurations.

(1) Run sfc /scannow (Windows System File Checker)
This free Windows repair tool by Microsoft resides inside your system.
It scans all your system files – if it detects any corrupted/modified/damaged files, it automatically replaces them with new and correct ones.

In order to run this tool you need to get into your Windows command prompt as an Administrator and type: sfc /scannow <-- See detailed instructions how to use it.

If this didn’t fix the problem…

(2) Uninstall and reinstall your Microsoft .NET Framework
(a) Remove all .NET Framework components from your computer
(b) Download the latest .NET Framework installation
(c) Reinstall and restart Windows

Is the problem fixed now?
If not…

(3) Check for other Csc.exe error related problems
Use the following Windows errors repair tool free scanner to conduct a deep scan to your system – by the end of the scan it’ll provide you with a list of detected errors - see if it has been able to detect for any errors that relate to Csc.exe file.


Send me your feedbacks…
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Csc.exe Error Repair Guide -- Updated!

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