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Hpcmpmgr.exe Error Quick Repair

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Exe errors | Hpcmpmgr.exe error
Repairing an Hpcmpmgr.exe error can be quite simple if you know of course where it comes from…so in the following post I’ll explain all about it and show you a simple ‘trick’ that enables you to pinpoint and repair the source of this problem.

What is Hpcmpmgr.exe?
If you have this program on your computer then it means one thing – you have at least one HP product installed. This HP Framework Component Manager Service is responsible for keeping all your installed HP product drivers up-to-date.

This program is usually found under the following path:
C: \Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exe

Known problems with this file
(1) Launches itself every 15 minutes or so
(2) It won’t close or even crash on Windows shutdowns
(3) Problems on Windows startups
(4) Computer speed and performance problems
(5) High consumption of CPU resources
(6) Involved in Windows crashes

“So why do I get these errors…?”
All the above problems and errors indicate that Hpcmpmgr.exe or one of your HP drivers has gotten corrupted or there’s a conflict with one of your system components.

Step-by-step repair guide:

While I’ve heard that some people advise on disabling this process in order to get rid of these annoying error messages, I wouldn’t advise you to do so!

Disabling this process stops your entire HP product drivers from being automatically updated.
So, you want to keep it working!

Detect and replace problematic HP drivers
You must verify that all your installed HP drivers are intact and up-to-date, should there be corrupt or outdated drivers - immediately replace them with their latest versions.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there’s a little ‘trick’ that I use whenever I bump into driver problems. It’ll tell you in about 2 minutes whether there’s a problem with your HP drivers or with your other installed drivers (I advise you to replace ALL problematic drivers).

(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Let it scan your PC…
(3) Wait for the final drivers report
(4) See which Drivers require replacement and replace those drivers
(You can then visit HP’s site and download the drivers, or let this tool do it for you)
(5) Restart Windows

Now that you’ve verified that all your HP drivers are intact – the problem should be resolved.

If from some reason Hpcmpmgr.exe errors still popup, you might want to try the following Hpcmpmgr.exe repair patch from HP – I’m not sure if it’s still relevant as it is quite old (2004) and HP also indicate that there might be installation problems with this patch…


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