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Iw3mp.exe Errors Fix -- Helpful Tips!

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Exe errors | Iw3mp.exe error
The Iw3mp.exe error can be nothing but a pain in the…whenever it occurs. In the following post I’ll provide several simple tips that you should try out - at least one of them should fix this problem once and for all.

About this problem
This problem is typical for Call of Duty players, especially COD4 players.
Many players complain that errors associated with this executable occur when launching the multiplayer portion of this game, but I found out that it occurs to single player as well.

The typical error messages that popup are:
Call of Duty 4 Mutliplayer iw3mp.exe - Entry Point Not Found
...exe is MISSING
...exe has stopped working

What causes these errors to show up?
We can’t really specify one single reason or source to this problem.
The reasons vary from one user to another based on their unique settings and Windows platform. However, in most cases it is about using an incorrect/corrupt sound card or graphic card drivers or incorrect sound settings.

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Try plugging-in a microphone onto your PC…!
Yes, I know this sounds silly but this trick worked for many users.

(2) Try plugging headphones onto your PC
If the microphone thing didn’t work, try plugging-in headphones instead.

If this doesn’t help…

(3) Enable ‘Stereo Mix’
(1) Click Windows START menu -> Control Panel
(2) Double click on Sound
(3) Click the Recording tab
(4) Right click on a blank spot in that window (5) Check Show Disabled Devices
(6) Right click on Stereo Mix and enable it!

Now see if you can play the game without this error.
If you don’t have any Stereo Mix icon, or this hasn’t solved the problem, then continue to step #4.

(4) Detect and replace incorrect and old drivers
Your sound, graphic, or other motherboard drivers might have gotten either corrupted or replaced by incorrect/old drivers (during a latest Windows update as one example).

Verify that you’re using the correct drivers with all your devices and hardware components. Replace any such drivers with updated and correct ones – use only official drivers!

An easy (free) way to detect existing incorrect/old drivers that may cause Iw3mp.exe errors
(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) It’ll scan all your device and hardware drivers
(3) Wait for the final report
(4) Replace ALL incorrect drivers


Share your tips
I hope that these tips have helped you to resolve this problem.
Should you have any other useful tips, feel free to share them below.


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