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Javaw.exe Error Messages -- How to Detect and Repair!

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Javaw.exe error
Many Javaw.exe error messages occur due to 2-3 main reasons that I’d like to discuss in the following post. In this quick repair guide you’ll find more details about this file, its common errors, as well as the steps required in order to repair these errors.

About this Executable File
Created by: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Usual location: C:\Program Files\Java\ jre6\ bin\
It works along with Internet Explorer as a Java plug-in; however other Web browsers use it as well. Basically, this executable works similarly as Java.exe but in one difference – it uses no associated console windows. Its resource consumption is quite low – about 650K of VM. It has several functionalities such as: dealing with computer network security as well as enabling to execute applications that use Java.

Common problems
The most common situations where Javaw.exe error messages pop up are while trying to execute other program - in that case you might get the Cannot find Javaw.exe error. In other situations error messages might occur while playing games.

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Java isn’t installed or isn’t installed properly on your PC
Remove your old Java installation, then download and install the latest Java installation.
In most cases this solves the problem.

(2) Verify that Javaw.exe is in these folders (Windows 7 64bit)
This should work for Windows 7 64bit users.
If the file is missing from your C:/Windows/System32 then:

(a) Open C:/Windows/SysWOW64
(b) Find the file and copy it…
(c) Paste it into your C:/Windows/System32 folder

If the problem is the opposite, I mean, the file is found under C:/Windows/System32 folder, but is missing from C:/Windows/SysWOW64 folder, then do the same thing - copy and paste the file from one folder to the other.

Now see if the problem is solved.
Still not solved?

(3) Search for Javaw.exe related errors
There might be other internal problems that cause this error to popup. Run an in-depth scan (free) to your Windows via this Windows errors repair tool– in several minutes you’ll get a detailed report about all your Windows existing problems. Scroll down the errors list and see if any of them indicate this executable as source of a problem.


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