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Mmloaddrv.exe Errors -- Repair Tip!

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Exe errors | Mmloaddrv.exe errors
There’s one main cause to the majority of Mmloaddrv.exe errors. In this post I’ll provide additional details about this issue as well as an easy way to detect and repair the source of this error.

About this exe file
It belongs to the Catalyst® Control Center application from AMD, Inc. and is part of your Video card’s drivers. Users report problems with this file usually on boot ups or when trying to open their Catalyst® Control Center, or while trying to open applications that call D3D9 files.

Typical error messages associated with this file include:
Faulting application name…
...exe has stopped working

The main cause to Mmloaddrv.exe errors
Your Catalyst® driver and/or another driver are either incorrect/obsolete/corrupt.
Have you noticed this error right after a recent Windows update…?

Unfortunately, sometimes Windows automatic updates might update your drivers with drivers that aren’t matching your exact hardware devices – the exact model of your video card for example.

That is one reason that might cause this error.
Another reason is the presence of corrupted drivers.

Tip to repair this error
Yes, you could use Windows Restore Point in order reverse your Windows configuration to a past date where you didn’t have the problem and it might solve the case. But this is good for the short run - on your next Windows update the problem might come back…

The only way to get away with this situation is first to detect the exact compatible Catalyst® driver for your video card model and then replace it with your installed Catalyst® driver. Secondly, you should detect and replace any other outdated/incorrect device driver that you might have.

The easiest (free) way to detect your existing incorrect drivers:
(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Let it conduct an in-depth drivers scan
(3) By the end of the scan review the problematic drivers report

Important – in order for you to get rid of the Mmloaddrv.exe errors, make sure you download the correct and compatible drivers ONLY from a trusted and official source. (The above drivers tool can automatically do that for you, however you need to register your installation).


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