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Mshta.exe Error -- Repair Guide!

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Mshta.exe error
In the following post I’ll provide details about Mshta.exe, its common known problems and their causes, as well as a repair guide that’ll enable you to handle these problems.

About Mshta.exe
Microsoft (R) HTML application host. Common location: C:\Windows\System32.
This is a legitimate file; it is part of Windows OS which uses it to run HTML applications (.hta files). It’s an important file so don’t try to remove it or disable it.

Common known problems
(1) Multiple instances in the Task Manager (high CPU consumption).
(2) Pops up every few seconds and refuses to go away no matter what you do.

Common causes to this error
(1) Too many applications require this process at the same time = many instances + high CPU
(2) File might be damaged
(3) Incorrect or damaged registered file paths related to this process

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Remove ‘junk’ scheduled tasks
(1) Open Control Panel
(2) Open Schedule Tasks
(3) Can you identify any AT1…AT2…AT3… schedules?
(4) If YES – remove them!

Didn’t solve the problem…?

(2) Run Windows System File Checker
Since this is a system file, use Windows sfc /scannow system files repair tool – it’ll verify that nothing went wrong with Mshta.exe, and it’ll automatically repair it if needed.

(3) Scan for Mshta.exe related errors
Use this Windows errors repair tool to see if there are any existing errors related to this file. (Incorrect registered file paths related to this file as one example).


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