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Newdev.exe Errors? They can be Stopped Quite Easily!

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Newdev.exe errors
Whenever you bump into a Newdev.exe error be aware that it usually comes from a single source which can be handled quite easily. In this quick step-by-step guide I’ll provide the necessary help required in order to eliminate (the majority of) errors related to this executable.

What is Newdev.exe?
It’s a legitimate Windows system file from Microsoft®.
Located in C:\Windows\System32, the purpose of this file is handling your device drivers software installations.

Known problems
(1) Notification when Windows starts up about hardware devices that cannot open while indicating this exe file name.

(2) Error messages right after a recent Windows security update which includes this exe file name.

(3) Error messages that start popping up right after upgrading from a 32bit system to a 64bit system, or when upgrading from Windows XP to Vista.

What causes the majority of Newdev.exe errors?
In two words – incompatible drivers!

It is well known that Windows auto-updates sometimes update and replace your (working) device drivers with incompatible drivers, this leads to various errors and problems such as this problem.

Another cause for example – installing a USB device on a PC that has been upgraded lately from XP, might cause this error to pop up, again due to drivers incompatibility issues.

Step-by-step repair guide:

Stopping these errors from popping up is quite easy.
You need to detect and replace all your incompatible/outdated device drivers with their latest and compatible versions that match EXACTLY to your hardware devices.

How can you tell which of your drivers are incompatible…?
(1) Download this free drivers scanner
(2) Conduct an in-depth scan to all your device drivers
(3) Wait for the final scan report…
(4) The report indicates which of your drivers are incompatible

Replace all incompatible drivers with their latest and most updated version.
Make sure you download these drivers ONLY from a trusted and official source.

After replacing all incompatible drivers restart your PC and the Newdev.exe errors should disappear.


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