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SSMMgr.exe not Responding or Has Stopped Working? Repair Tip!

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Exe errors | SSMMgr.exe not responding error
If you’ve gotten that SSMMgr.exe not responding error or other similar errors than there are several ways to solve this problem. Before I’ll show you how to fix it, I’d like to provide several important details and facts about this executable.

What is SSMMgr.exe?
It belongs to your Samsung printer’s Status Monitor tool.
Basically this executable monitors your printer’s activity.

Known problems
There are 3 known problems with this file:
(1) Causes the computer to freeze on startups and shutdowns
(2) The program won’t terminate
(3) Extremely high consumption of CPU resources

Error messages usually indicate: SSMMgr.exe not responding or has stopped working

The cause to these errors
In most cases – corrupt/incorrect/old Samsung printer drivers

Step-by-step repair guide:

There are two options to stop this error:

Option #1: Replace your Samsung printer driver with the latest one
(1) Download this free drivers scanner
(2) It’ll conduct an in-depth scan to all your drivers
(3) At the end of the scan review the drivers scan report
(4) If your Samsung driver is flagged, it means that it needs to be replaced
(5) Replace it with the latest version that matches your printer model

Restart your PC – the problem should be fixed!

Option #2: Disable SSMMgr.exe process
I highly advise you to install the latest updated version of your Samsung printer as explained earlier, but if you believe that you no longer need your printer Status Monitor tool, then you can simply disable it from automatically starting whenever Windows restarts.

Here is an easy (and free) way to do that:

(1) Download this free drivers scanner
(2) Open Home tab
(3) Click Startup Manager
(4) Find SSMMgr.exe and un-tick it (uncheck)
(5) Close this application and restart your PC

You should no longer get this error.


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SSMMgr.exe not Responding or Has Stopped Working? Repair Tip!

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