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Sprtcmd.exe Error -- Quick Repair Guide!

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Exe errors | Sprtcmd.exe Error
If you’ve been experiencing Sprtcmd.exe errors lately than you must be a Dell user…Errors with this file are related to a specific software component in Dell computers. In the following post I’ll provide clear and easy instructions how to eliminate these errors.

About Sprtcmd.exe
The file is a legitimate and safe file created by Dell.
It is a Dell Support Agent file - part of your Dell Support Center application installation.

Problems with this file
The majority of Dell users (Windows XP) having problems with this file, usually experience popup errors on computer startups, all others might suffer from similar problems on shutdowns or while logging out.

Error messages usually include:
entry point not found
ending program sprtcmd.exe

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Disable the Dell Support Center application from your Windows Startup items
Since this is in most cases the cause to this error, there’s really not need for this application to startup each time your computer starts up. So all you have to do is disable it from your Windows Startup items.

(a) Click START -> Run
(b) Type: msconfig.exe and click OK
(c) Click Startup tab
(d) Uncheck dsca and Sprtcmd checkboxes and click OK
(e) Restart Windows

In case you’re not feeling so comfortable with this procedure, here is another easy, safe, and free way to manage your Startup programs:

(a) Install the following free errors scanner
(b) Click on Startup Manager
(c) Disable the Dell Support Center
(d) Restart Windows

Has it fixed the problem?
If not…

(2) Check for possible malware/spyware infections
A malware/spyware might have infected that file.
I highly advise you to use Microsoft Security Essentialsfree anti-virus.

If this wasn’t the problem…

(3) Check for sprtcmd.exe related errors
Use the following free errors scanner in order to conduct a comprehensive scan to your Windows. By the end of the scan it’ll provide you with a detailed report about any errors and problems that it might have detected – see if any of them relate to this exe file or to the Dell Support Center application.


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