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Sttray.exe Error can be Fixed Quite Easily -- Try this!

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Exe errors | Sttray.exe error
If a Sttray.exe error pops up on your screen then this usually indicates that something went wrong with one of your drivers. In a moment I’ll provide more details about which driver I’m talking about and more importantly – I’ll show you an easy way to fix it.

About Sttray.exe
System Tray for Sigmatel HD Audio Driver, or in more simple words – part of your sound card driver. It ships with many OEM systems and integrated motherboards and its usual path is: C:\Program Files\Sigmatel\C-Major Audio\WDM

Without this file or by deactivating it, you might no longer have any sound or your sound card might not work properly – DO NOT remove/deactivate it!

Typical errors
On boot up you get the following error message: sttray.exe-entry point not found.The procedure entry point LocalizeString could not be located in the dynamic link library STLang.dll.

The cause to these errors
Your audio drivers might have gotten corrupted or you’re using an outdated/incorrect audio driver. (From time to time Windows auto-update updates some of your drivers, and not always it matches your specific audio card model together with the correct driver…)

Fixing Sttray.exe error
As I mentioned earlier, this problem can be fixed quite easily, all you have to do is verify whether something went wrong with your audio driver, and if so, you’ll need to replace it with an updated one.

How to detect whether you’re using an incorrect/corrupt audio driver?
(1) Download the following free drivers scanner
(2) Let it conduct an in-depth scan to your PC
(3) By the end of the scan check the drivers report
(4) See if it has detected a problem with your audio driver

If a problem was found with that driver – replace it with that driver’s official and latest version.

This should solve the problem.
Important – Download the driver only from a trusted source!


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