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Syntpenh.exe Makes Problems? Simple Repair Tip that Works!

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Exe errors | Syntpenh.exe problems
Laptop TouchPads are nice just until you find out that a file called Syntpenh.exe starts consuming nearly 100% of your CPU resources…In this quick guide I’d like to provide you with an easy way to immediately stop the various problems that are caused due to this executable.

The source of this .exe file
It is part of your Synaptics Pointing Device driver.
This file is responsible for the operation of your laptop’s TouchPad device and without it your TouchPad won’t work. It is installed on millions of laptops worldwide such as Compaq, Sony Vaio, Dell, and others.

Syntpenh.exe is part of a process which automatically starts when your computer boots up.

Common problems
The most common problem with this file is where it starts consuming about 90%-100% of your CPU resources for no special reason. This usually causes slow boot ups, screen freezes, and overall slow performance.

Sometimes you might get an error message telling you something like ...exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Step-by-step repair guide:

Option#1: Repair your TouchPad driver
Your TouchPad driver shouldn’t consume 90%-100% of your CPU resources – if that happens then your TouchPad driver has either got corrupted or you’re using an incorrect/outdated driver.

In order to verify that nothing went wrong with that driver:
(1) Download the following free errors scanner
(2) It’ll scan all your device drivers (as well as other things)
(3) Wait for the final scan report
(4) Has it found anything about your TouchPad driver?
(5) If so, download the latest version of that driver from a trusted source

This should solve the problem and enable you to keep using your TouchPad device.

Option #2: Disable your TouchPad device
Another way to solve problems with Syntpenh.exe is to simply disable your TouchPad device. Important – you won’t be able to use it unless you enable it again.

(1) If you haven’t done so, download this free errors scanner
(2) In HOME tab click Startup Manager
(3) Find Syntpenh.exe and disable (un-tick) it (Do NOT Delete!)
(4) Restart your PC

That’s it!
From now on your TouchPad process is disabled – it won’t upload whenever Windows uploads. All problems with this exe file should stop now.


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