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Wuauclt.exe Error and CPU Problems -- Repair Guide!

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Wuauclt.exe errors
It seems like many Windows users whom are having problems and errors with Wuauclt.exe, aren’t sure whether it is a legitimate file or some kind of a Trojan. More importantly – most people haven’t got a clue how to solve the high CPU consumption problems caused due to this file. I’d like to clarify several things about this file as well as providing several tips that’ll enable you to resolve these problems.

What is Wuauclt.exe?
First of all – YES, it is a legitimate file from Microsoft.
It is an important system file which is located under: C:\Windows\System32 folder. The file is extremely important – it is your Windows Auto-update client and it’s the one responsible for detecting new updates for your Windows OS.

It works as a background process, and it automatically appears in your Windows processes list when it requires your permission to perform Windows updates.

DO NOT delete or disable this file and its process, otherwise your Windows won’t get updated with important security updates and other critical updates.

So, this isn’t a virus…?
The answer is basically NO. It’s a legitimate system file, HOWEVER, some malware might disguise themselves as Wuauclt.exe, so if you find that file in folders other than C:\Windows\System32 folder, then this might be the case!

What causes this file to consume much of your CPU resources?
Whenever you notice that this file consumes almost 100% of your CPU, or it starts giving you other strange errors such as slowdowns while browsing the web or computer lockups, then this might be due to two reasons:

(1) Malware infection
(2) The file got corrupted

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Run an in-depth malware scan using a reliable anti-virus
I have no idea which anti-virus you’re using, but I highly recommend using a reliable protection such as Microsoft’s free anti-virus called: Microsoft Security Essentials.

If the scan didn’t find anything…

(2) Use your Windows System File Checker tool (SFC.exe)
It’s a free Windows repair tool. It scans all your system files, when it detects a problem with one of your system files it automatically replaces it with a correct (original) one. If Wuauclt.exe got corrupted, it’ll repair it.

If that didn’t work either…

(3) Scan for other Wuauclt.exe related errors
Use the following Windows errors repair tool free scanning option in order to detect other possible ‘hidden’ errors related to this exe file.

(1) After you download it conduct an in-depth scan
(2) Wait for the final errors diagnosis

Carefully review the detailed report - see if it indicates an error which is related to this file. If it does then you have located the source of the error.


Any other tips regarding this error?
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