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Driver Checker Serial Number Free Download - Have you Seen this?

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I thought it would be appropriate to warn all those who look for a free Driver Checker serial number about the following copyright issue. It can get you into trouble – actually into several troubles, so read this carefully.

Yes, I’ve downloaded and installed this drivers updater in order to see if it’ll be able detects the problem I had with one of my laptop’s USB ports that suddenly stopped functioning.

OK, so it detected a total of 21 outdated drivers where 6 out of them were outdated USB controllers that need to get updated.

Anyway I thought I can find some kind of a free limited trial-key or a trial-version for this product, so it’ll enable me to update only those 6 drivers.

When I searched for such a free license all I’ve seen are either cracked versions and sites that only want me to download it from their site. I never go that path as usually all you get is either nothing, or nice ‘juicy’ viruses…

Unfortunately I didn’t find such license key and the only possible way to repair those drivers is via using a legal Driver Checker serial number.

Have you seen this little warning message when you click the ‘Register’ button…? Driver Checker serial number entry box I haven’t seen too many software products that place such a detailed warning message next to their registration box (it usually appears somewhere in that long scroll of the license agreement when installing software products).

Did you know about this…?
I decided to further investigate this issue and I found in their license agreement something that says that by installing their product you agree to enter into a legally binding contract with them.

So here is another reason why it isn’t a good idea to use their cracked version or ‘borrow’ license keys from others but use their legal Driver Checker serial number. I guess they didn’t just add that warning message for no special reason and it seems like they are very serious about protecting their copyrights.


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thetzawaung Sep 10, 2015

how do you get License key?

arvind Mar 15, 2015


mohammadwaqs Aug 5, 2014

it is very nice

nagaraj Jun 12, 2014

hi it is very nice


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