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RegTweaker Serial Number Free License Key? It can be Dangerous!

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RegTweaker Serial Number
That was close…when I Googled “RegTweaker serial number” and clicked one of the first search results, I almost got hit by a malware! In a moment I’ll provide more details on that incident as well as a safe way to get a license key for this repair tool.

Beware of ‘free gifts’ – it can be dangerous!
I should be thankful to my Avast anti-virus.
Here is what it popped up when I clicked one of the first search results for the above phrase:

The only ‘free’ you can get is nothing but trouble…

After examining all the other 9 search results, I found nothing but .exe .zip or .rar downloadable files that promise “RegTweaker serial number” – no way I’m going to download and try to install any of these. Who knows what other ‘surprises’ are waiting for me over there…

If any of you got hit by a malware or had a similar bad experience as I had after Googling for this product, please share it below and notify others (post your comment below).

Will RegTweaker free trial repair anything…?
The answer is basically: NO!

Do you really believe that those guys or any other errors repair tool are going let you repair your Windows errors for free…? Anyway, what their current free version enables is the following: Registry backup, block malicious ActiveX controls, manage startup programs, manage BHO items (Browser Helper Objects), and backup your Favorites.

For a full Windows/registry errors repair you need to use a legal RegTweaker serial number.

Should you buy a legal license key?
Think of it this way: you have a problem or an error with your Windows. Either you contact a PC repair service/technician for $120-$150 or you buy a license for this repair tool for $29, and see if it solves your problem.

If it solves the problem – great, if from some reason it hasn’t been able to solve your problem, and I just found it recently, those guys let you access their PC experts support at no extra charge and they will work on finding a solution to your problem.

Did you get it…?
Why pay a PC repair service/expert $120-$150 to repair your Windows problems while those guys provide the same results for just a fraction of that…?


Again, it is important to use a legal RegTweaker serial number, otherwise they won’t let you access their 24/7 technical experts support team in case you need it.


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Final Jul 7, 2015

I like it

Octavio Salcido Jun 26, 2012

I am agree with you... almost all
$29 dollars is cheap... for an american, sure it is cheap but think in a south american, I really know people that win these 30 dollars after a week working very hard; in fact I know people that it is making miracles with their money in order to get registered in the "work from home industry" they need to pay $5.00 USD and they are desperate trying to get this money just for enter in the Work from home database, clearly, I am not saying that using cracked software is a good idea; but maybe and only maybe for people that use the software occasionally will be a good idea that the software can be used one or two times for a really cheap amount; what about USD 3.00 for two or three uses in the same machine license?

Admin Jun 26, 2012

Thanks Octavio for your comment.
I understand your point and I think your idea of 'one-time-fix' is definitely good for the users, however it all depends if at the same time it's good (pays off) for the manufacturers of these tools as well. If none of them offer that, then it probably doesn't pay off...


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