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Reimage License Key - I Just got a Serial Number to Repair my PC!

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Reimage license key gen-e7848
There’s something you should know if you’re looking for a Reimage license key via one of those ‘free’ licensing offers to this PC repair tool. I eventually got myself a fully functional serial number, but beware of the following…

To make a long story short - my son ‘accidently’ deleted several of my Windows XP system files and you don’t want to know what that has caused…the ‘blue screen terror’…

Anyway, I lost my original XP CD together with the registration number so the only way I could repair my XP (without having to reinstall it) was via this Reimage tool.

So before spending a dime on this, I decided to give it a try and see whether I can get a Reimage license key for free...

Most of the sites in the search results were nothing but scams - no big surprise here. But when I tried to download a ‘free installation’ from one of those sites, my anti-virus just started screaming…

Beware of these unknown downloads!

At that point I just lost my patience and I didn’t want to spend more time on this, so I eventually purchased a legal serial number directly from Reimage.

If they fix my problem – great, if they don’t, then they guarantee a full refund.

It first quickly analyzed my PC, and then it asked me for the Reimage license key in order to repair. To be honest I thought it would take it only 5-10 minutes to fix what it needs to fix, but it took it around one hour to finish the job…

So far so good and it seems to have fixed my Windows XP problems as I don’t get these blue screen errors anymore.

I’m quite curious about how good/not this repair tool is, so I’d be happy to hear what other people think of it, and whether they consider it a good investment or not…

Has anyone else had this Reimage fix their Windows problems?
Is there anyone whom it didn’t fix their Windows problems…?


Please don't ask for a free license - I'm not Reimage software and I don't have any free license to give. If you need a legal license you need to
purchase it here via Reimage site. If you need any kind of support for this product - I'm not your address, visit Reimage site and contact their support team.


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J. Q. Gblie May 13, 2018

I need it

Mina Dec 28, 2017


MO Dec 19, 2017


etfdgsds Sep 30, 2017


sherif Aug 14, 2017


Jack Newman Apr 16, 2017

Reimage can help a lot by selling 3 licences for 3 years at US$29.oo. Surely it will be a top seller. I used Reimage for many years, always a 3 to 3 years licence. I only wish it is cheaper

Bob Williams Mar 12, 2017

I stumbled across the ReImage software download about 4 months ago and even though I didn't want to pay the money for the full capability software, I went ahead and did it (knowing that most of these "free" downloads give you very limited functionality and constantly pop up notices asking if you want to buy the full function software. Knowing this from experience with a lot of "free software" I didn't even bother. I just sucked it up and paid the money and downloaded the full function version of ReImage. It blew me away. It was fast and easy to use and fixed a number of problems I didn't even know I had. Suddenly my laptop and several pieces of software were working splendidly. What amazed me was how much better my PC ran after I used ReImage. I have McAfee Security Suite and I regularly run WinZip System Utilities Suite, both of which are good programs, but they are slower and do not find all the problems that ReImage does. So, eventually, I find myself with problems and a slowed down PC. I run ReImage and it purrs like a kitten. The only bad thing about ReImage is that it does not regularly "run" and keep your PC working well. You have to choose to run it. And then it wipes out necessary cookies along with those you don't want. But I've had the same problem with every other utilities software that I've used, so ReImage is no worse then any other. But it is leaps and bounds better at fixing your PC problems. I highly recommend it.

IG Jan 31, 2017

Many Thanks

mark Jan 28, 2017

i want to repair pc

LAMARY Jan 22, 2017

Is the license key available for free download or only purchasing online only?

sandeep kumar Nov 23, 2016

its working

benjohn perez Oct 17, 2016

its working

soni Oct 10, 2016

Is the license key available for free download or only purchasing online only?

Admin Oct 10, 2016

 Only purchasing online.

rhainn Oct 9, 2016

nice one..very effective...and reliable

Heather Aug 21, 2016

I lost my installation disk for windows xp home for an old dell I'm still trying to use (after my new computer was stolen) so I was wondering if reimage reinstalled urs and also wondered if there's a program out to fix all these issues with xp not being supported anymore. I also have an old... I'm working with all old stuff.... Laptop w Vista that's not supported anymore also. I can't afford to pay to fix all these old things. Do you recommend reimage license or did u find there's anything else that will do the same that's free?

sanaullah khan Jul 1, 2016

thanks you so much for this

juramel milan May 7, 2016

thank you so much for this

lamri Apr 30, 2016

thanks so much man

Hector F Requena Apr 9, 2016

I have accidentally deposed of my licence key and don't know what to do. Please help.

uabyaj Mar 1, 2016

thanks so much

hallal Jan 9, 2016

thanks man

vishnuprabhu Dec 15, 2015

if it works then thank you!

joao Dec 6, 2015

thank you!

thaer Oct 27, 2015

Thank you if this works >>>

Edwin Agoyaoy Oct 6, 2015


harry gubatanga Sep 24, 2015

thank u so much

noureddine Sep 18, 2015

Thank you if this works.

Gun Sep 6, 2015

Hi Yaron, you're a good man.. you give an example on what is right or wrong clearly. appreciate it

Brad Allen Aug 16, 2015

Thank you if this works.

mikhael Aug 13, 2015

thank you

don Jul 26, 2015

very very good

Olabanj Michael Donald Jul 12, 2015

I can see from all the comments i read that this software must be an absolute best ever one of its kind though, i haven't got the serial key but taking wide range of sense during its scanning on my Laptop, its function was quiet superb. But the licence key is the problem i have now to repair my Laptop.

Tarif khan Jul 3, 2015

it's a good scaner. i like it so much because it do his duty very clean and proper.

doni Jun 14, 2015

it's cool!

Alwin May 12, 2015

How can i get license key for legal license to repair my pc ??

Yaron May 13, 2015

 I believe my post above was quite clear explaining that...

jc Apr 28, 2015

how can i get licence key for legal to repair my c?

Yaron Apr 28, 2015

Here is where you can get a LEGAL LICENSE.

Johnny R P Maharaj Apr 7, 2015

How do I register my second computer with Re Image as I have already paid
for 3 computers on6/04/2015?

Yaron Apr 7, 2015

Please contact Reimage support - they will help you with that.

PACIO Mar 28, 2015


Yaron Mar 23, 2015

If you have anything beneficial to share please share it here, for all those who keep asking over and over for a free license key or for lost key support - I'm NOT Reimage:
Never had any free keys and will never provide one even if I had it - it is illegal! If you want your own LEGAL license key
, get it here.

Kenneth Magaru Mar 21, 2015

I love it!!!

savy Mar 14, 2015

I Just get a Serial Number to Repair my PC!

rommel miclat Mar 8, 2015

its good ilove it

yomna Mar 3, 2015

i love it

Zvi Specktor Feb 24, 2015

My Reimage icon is not found for some weeks on my desk top , please note
my order ID: 79200837 and advise how to use this application again

Yaron Feb 24, 2015

We're NOT Reimage...contact Reimage please.

mintu mathew Feb 21, 2015

reimage license key numbr

Yaron Feb 21, 2015

For those who didn't understand and keep asking over and over:
I don't have any free license key, I will never provide one even if I had it - it is illegal! If you want your own license key, get it here.

mecheraoui Feb 13, 2015

thanks v.much

zizoo Feb 12, 2015

Thanks a lot for this Program.

Jamal Feb 8, 2015

Thanks alot for this Program.

jean auguste Feb 1, 2015

I want to activate reimage I already purchased

nicolas koeman Jan 26, 2015

best software

michael Jan 26, 2015


SEAN B KAMETA Nov 30, 2014


Yaron Dec 1, 2014

As explained earlier - for these kind of questions you need to contact their support directly and they will be able help you with that. I'm not providing any serial numbers or license keys of any kind.

Hugo Rossmann Nov 30, 2014

I have lost my 3 Serials Number for 3 PC !
I have paid by PayPal 78. euros

Yaron Dec 1, 2014

You need to contact their support and they will help you with that. As explained, I'm not providing any serial numbers of any kind.

Keyur Nov 28, 2014

Very Good..


Suresh Nov 25, 2014

thank u so much

syamsul Umar Nov 22, 2014

Signed on for latest offer and recieved verification code , do not know how to activate same, please advise

Yaron Nov 22, 2014

Check their site under Support/License Key, if this doesn't help feel free to contact their support from there.

salah Nov 19, 2014

thanks v.much

Maria Kotlovski Nov 18, 2014

wanted to let you know that I purchased the reimage license key thanks to your tip. thanx.

Kevin Nov 14, 2014

thanks, i just followed your advice and purchased a legal license from that link

ck Nov 12, 2014


Michael Ulrich Nov 7, 2014

Reimage License Key

nazmi Nov 6, 2014

hey man i like this sharing. thanks for eveything

kaledhatem Nov 5, 2014

thank you.

irakli Nov 3, 2014


dupond Nov 1, 2014


ketan gupta Nov 1, 2014

awesome software

sseny Oct 31, 2014


Khang Oct 31, 2014

very good!

Robert Szelenbaum Oct 13, 2014

Super program Reimage

Husnain Oct 8, 2014

best performance at that end.

Rex Tanner Oct 4, 2014

Hi my license key will not register. Message invalid key. Please help.

Yaron Oct 5, 2014

You need to contact their support - only they can help you with that. Or - on their site, under SUPPORT you'll find LICENSE KEY menu. It explains how to use it. See if that helps.

Haluk Oct 4, 2014


ionut Sep 30, 2014

i like this

Mubeen Mana Sep 28, 2014

I Like this Scanner

shady Sep 28, 2014

good prog

John Lundgreen Sep 14, 2014

I lost or misplaced my license key. What do I have to do to find it again.
I don't like being without it as it has saved my computer more than once.

Yaron Sep 14, 2014

You need to contact their support - see details below

Anatoly Sep 13, 2014

Need Reimage Repair serial keys gen

Yaron Sep 13, 2014

Hi Anatoly,
You can purchase a license here.

rohan Sep 13, 2014

This is a good one i love it

maher Sep 12, 2014

thank you

firas Sep 12, 2014

so greatfull

john scott Sep 12, 2014

Signed on for latest offer and recieved verification code , do not know how to activate same, please advise

Yaron Sep 12, 2014

On their site, under SUPPORT you'll find LICENSE KEY menu. It explains how to use it.

dadde chamak Sep 11, 2014

I like this software.

dishantha Sep 11, 2014

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

dani Sep 10, 2014

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

dans Sep 10, 2014

wowwwww, tnx!!!!

numan Sep 10, 2014


Aphisit Sep 7, 2014

Very Good.

summer Sep 5, 2014

wow.. these people just dont seem to get it when you say youre not giving a key away and to go purchase one... uhgggg.. ANNOYYINNGGGG

Yaron Sep 5, 2014

Summer, unfortunately you are so right... :)

black Sep 3, 2014


tee_yotha Sep 1, 2014


yahiahaga Aug 31, 2014


adham Aug 31, 2014

Thank you

aslam Aug 16, 2014

good for pc

Malinda Aug 10, 2014

I would like to have a key of the program, Is that possible...? Thanks a lot!!

Yaron Aug 10, 2014

Hi Malinda, you need to purchase a legal key - click the link provided above

Alexander Aug 8, 2014

Good, man.

Geraldo Guambe Aug 7, 2014

I like this programm becaus is very very important programm to my PC

rasheed khan Jul 28, 2014

ok good

Michael Babjeck Jul 18, 2014

I purchase the reimage last week and was given 3 product numbers to use on my 3 machines. I used the first and the 3rd numbers, but now I cannot find the 2nd product number to load on my laptop. Is there any way I can get this information? Thank you!



Yaron Jul 18, 2014

Hi Michael, you need to contact Remimage support team. Only they can help you on that.

dominic Jul 13, 2014

can i have the license Serial Number for Reimage Repair PC Repair Online please

Yaron Jul 13, 2014

Hi Dominic, in order to have a license you need to buy one from the link provided in this article.

medhat Jul 11, 2014


rengan Jul 8, 2014

ok good

morty Jun 26, 2014

I Want a license Serial Number for Reimage Repair PC Repair Online

Diah Anggraini Jun 24, 2014

I Want a license Serial Number for Reimage Repair PC Repair Online

Yaron Jun 24, 2014

Then visit the link I've provided in the article and continue from there.

TJ Jun 7, 2014

hi my name is TJ and my computer is running very slowly and I can not afford an activation key for reimage if you could please let me use the code you have to fix my computer I would be grateful.

Yaron Jun 7, 2014

Once and for all - I don't have an activation key as a giveaway. This is a licensed software, if you need an activation key you need to contact them and purchase your own licensed activation key. Anyway, it is usually cheaper than contacting a human PC repair service...

eterom Jun 4, 2014


Ramon Dekkers May 4, 2014

I am a new customer

waqas Apr 11, 2014

very good

ABDUL SATTAR Apr 8, 2014

my pc working very slow

andy doig Apr 7, 2014

Hello my security centre is switched off and it wont let me restore my computer I need a activation key can you please help.

w v jaarsveld Apr 1, 2014

I just download reimage repair but to fix the virus and errors I need a activation key to clean or repair.

ismail chiginga Mar 30, 2014

My pc is very slow so please send to me a free license serial number forreimage repaire

arif shakri Mar 24, 2014

plz send free license keyre image repair for my pc

A.Wajid Feb 7, 2014

Reimage License Key - I Just got a Serial Number to Repair my PC!

Shashank Tak Feb 7, 2014

Plz Send Me Reimage License Code

danilo villariez Aug 26, 2013

lost license key and code

myles spatny Feb 21, 2013

How much are u charging for this service....I had a quote of $70 can you do a lot better?

Yaron Feb 21, 2013

Hi, I'm not charging or selling this service myself.

thiective Jan 4, 2012

I've own a laptop, and let me tell you, I'm actually glad I've installed that software, because awhile ago, I ended up having my user account attacked by an unknown spyware virus. It said I had to install a software that I didn't want, and the reimage software was the solution to that problem after I look it up on the web. So I've installed it under a different user account, and was able to delete my old one, and now my laptop is still running and alive. It also helps me repair files and replace any broken files under Windows Update. Um...I hope this give you an inslight on my experience


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