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Repair Windows XP without CD - Now this is what I call Brilliant!

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Repair Windows XP without CD
If you want to repair Windows XP without CD, even if you lost your license key, or have a non-functional CD drive, then there’s a brilliant way that I found that enables you to do that. This is one of those things that make you wonder how no one has thought of this before…

I needed to repair my (old) Windows XP after my son ‘accidently’ messed with at least one of the system files which resulted with those frustrating blue screen errors.

Naturally, I went to my CD case in order to find that original Windows XP installation CD together with the license key that I purchased a few years back and… of course it wasn’t there!

Great, so now what…how can I repair Windows XP without CD?

Even worse, suppose I do find a way to reinstall Windows, I’ll have to...
Backup all my data…
Reformat my PC…
Spend at least an hour on reinstalling and reconfiguring Windows
Install the service packs…
Spend several hours on reinstalling MS Office and all my other programs…
Reconfigure my Internet connection….


What are the options?
Buying a new CD and license? No way… (I don’t think they even sell XP anymore)
Now, suppose I do get that CD from someone, I still don’t have my license key…

Here is how to repair Windows XP without CD
After talking to several buddies of mine, one of them told me that he had the same problem, but in his case he had the installation CD and license, but his CD drive wasn’t working, he couldn’t insert that CD…

He found on Google a brilliant solution that repaired his Windows XP in about 10 minutes without the need of the installation CD or the license key. No need to backup anything (all private documents and files stay where they are) and most importantly, no need to spend long hours on reinstalling Windows and all the other stuff.

It scans your PC, detects damaged Windows OS parts and replaces any damaged or missing files with new compatible ones, so eventually you get a completely restored Windows OS, the same way as if you’ve reinstalled it, but without having to reinstall it…

As I expected, it detected and replaced several system files that my son has deleted that caused all that trouble.

As far as I found out, this is the only way to repair Windows XP without CD and without having to reinstall it, even if you’ve lost your license key. If you know of any other method, feel free to post your comment below.


Tip – What to do if Windows won’t upload
If you can’t get into Windows after you restart your PC, try uploading Windows in ‘Safe Mode’:
(1) Restart your PC while pushing the F8 key
(2) Keep pushing the F8 key…
(3) Select ‘Safe Mode’


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Albert Taylor Jul 15, 2014

How do I reinstall wise fixer after having the computer in for repair and they removed it.

ibrahim mohamed omar Aug 6, 2012

Internet connection not active.

Admin Aug 6, 2012

In that case download this repair tool from another PC, then install and run it on your PC and see if that resolves the problem.

amin Sep 8, 2011

I can not see the start menu on the desktop or run it

Admin Sep 8, 2011

mmm...that is strange!

See if the above solution is able to detect any problem with your Windows that might cause this problem.


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