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WiseFixer License Key Serial Number - Should I Use it or Not…?

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WiseFixer license key
OK, so I downloaded it, installed it, it scanned my PC and then I tried my luck in finding a free WiseFixer license key after it has found thousands of errors. In a minute I’ll tell you what I have eventually found (I wasn’t surprised at all…).

Look, this errors repair tool is indeed impressive with what it offers and with what it finds after scanning your Windows – for me it has found 53 registry errors, 18,238 ‘evidence’ errors, 5 File Association errors, and 178 Junk Files.

Great…when I clicked the ‘Repair All’ button it asked me to register via a serial number. Hey…I just wanted to see if it works and does what it promises – if it can really fix my Windows, that’s it…

About a free WiseFixer license key
That is all I asked for just to try out this tool.
When I Googled it, all I found is either suspicious sites that wanted me to download and install something in order to get the cracked version, or forums where others are looking for the same thing…

I have no idea about you, but I NEVER use/download any cracked versions of anything - it’s illegal, it might harm my PC (viruses and other Malware), and I think this isn’t fair for those who worked hard on bringing us these helpful tools.

Anyway, I found no free-legitimate serial number; so there’s only one way to get myself a WiseFixer license key if I really want to repair all these errors…

Should I use it or not…?
I’m quite confident that there are thousands of people (if not more) who already used this tool to repair their Windows errors and I’d really love to hear their opinion about it, but the problem is that I have no access to those people… :(

So…if you’ve already registered your WiseFixer installation, feel free to share your opinion about it with me and with all the others who read this post.


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aref Sep 23, 2014

send me a license key for wisefixer

Yaron Sep 23, 2014

As explained, you need to purchase a legal license key via the link provided above.

atefe Jan 14, 2014

send me a license key for wisefixer

long Sep 29, 2013

send me a license key for wisefixer

jasonturner Aug 23, 2013

how do i get the liences key and is this good product to use

mashudu Mar 6, 2013

send me a license key for wisefixer

Loretta Stwalley Feb 17, 2013

I got wizard on feb.16 and gave wrong email address could not find out how to correct it so I put in a different one and don't want to be billed twice for it.


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