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Ati2dvag Blue Screen with Infinite Loop Error -- Fixed!

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ati2dvag blue screen crash
It usually comes out of the blue (screen...) for those whom are getting this ati2dvag blue screen crash accompanied by a ‘juicy’ Infinite Loop error. There are so many threads and posts dealing with this issue, so allow me to clarify several points and eventually show you how it can be fixed.

Yep, indeed ati2dvag indicates that something went wrong with your ATI graphic driver. But this might not be the only problem as I’ll explain soon…

For many users this problem takes place while restarting their PC or while trying to run one of their 'graphic' applications. Sometimes Windows might even indicate that the display driver has stopped working properly.

Is the whole blame on the ATI driver…?
Now before you blame the ATI graphic driver for being the only one responsible to this problem, there’s something else that I found out.

In many situations in addition to the ATI driver, other problematic drivers might also be causing this ati2dvag blue screen error. Examples? Defective motherboard / Windows system drivers.

What went wrong?
Have you upgraded your Windows system lately? In many situations such upgrade might leave your old platform’s drivers together with your new Windows platform and that is a known recipe to trouble…

Other common possibilities include drivers that got corrupted (due to malware infection as one example); or using obsolete or incompatible drivers.

How to get it fixed
You need to detect and replace all your problematic drivers, especially the ‘graphics’ related ones.

However , don’t do that manually!

I’ve seen too many users downloading the wrong driver packages or doing this improperly and then come up with additional problems.

In order to do that safely and precisely:
(1) Download and install this drivers repair tool
(2) Run a quick drivers diagnostic scan
(3) See which drivers are indicated as problematic
(4) Replace those drivers, one by one
(5) Restart your PC

I’m quite confident that your ATI driver is going to be on that list - am I right…?

Just post your comment below and let me know.

Let’s see to how many of you, the cause to that ati2dvag blue screen wasn’t just the ATI driver. Feel free to indicate which other drivers you had to replace before it solved your problem.


Windows crashes right after restart?
If you can’t install this drivers repair tool due to the crash:
(1) Restart your PC and immediately hold down the F8 key and wait…
(2) Select ‘Safe Mode’
(3) Download and install the drivers repair tool
(4) Follow steps 1-5 as explained above

If you’re having trouble uploading Windows in safe mode, read the following post – it’ll provide you with more details on how to do that.


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lourdes Oct 18, 2013

i have win xp desktop and ran some new 20 updates last thursday and the updates looked shut down. The next time i turned on loaded ok but then my monitor went blank. I had to forced shut down. Rebooted worked......blank screen again...rebooted...until i saw a msg while loading...ati2dvag is running in a loop....i was able to search error on line. My monitor became more strange...dots...lines...hard to see....forced shut down...rebooted and then i got the blue screen...very hard to see anythhing on it as monitor filles with strange characters and lines. I was able to run computer is safe mode...but being in safe mode i cannot see as the monitor is all fillled with the computer is not loading correctly goes into that blue screen. How can i fix this issue if i cannot see what i am doing in safe mode.....i can i run commands to download and make it work. It is frustrating...cuz i cannot see nothing in that monitor to work with so it is hard to give it commands if u know what i mean....pls any recommendations or dos prompts...not sure....
Thanks for all your is a dell computer using xp 32 bit

Joshua Apr 12, 2012

Ok, is it a driver issue... Yes!
What happens when you have the latet driver, and you still see blue all the time?... time to investigate!

I have an ATI Radeon hd 3300 on board. I am getting BSODs about this infinite loop. I have the latest driver, and tried previous drivers, all don't work.

I started poking around, finding info about the device, and comparing to what the system claims. I found that the factory specs say I only should have 640 MB of VRam (both side port and system sharing included) and the driver claims it has 700mb in the windows registry.
What happens when a driver tries to use space beyond what the hardware will allow? Any kind of junk can happen, including the appearance of infinite loops to a poorly coded driver, and detection system. (I say poorly, because the driver seems to want to initialize with more ram than it actually has... they designed the device, why cant they code something that detects the proper amount of available ram) I tried changing the registry to match factory specs (specs that are confirmed by other diagnostic software) but now the registry keeps reverting back to the wrong setting on reboot. Now I am on a mission to find the cause of reverting registry, to stop the bad specs from returning. I have found that I can cause the error by loading 6 windows at once, then using widows XP Search dog (he seems to take a good chunk of VRam)

this is a driver problem, but a new driver will not fix it. a new driver programmer, and correcting registry errors (ones that cannot be fixed with a reg cleaner) will fix it. Perhaps we should post real fixes for the actual problems

Admin Apr 13, 2012

Hi Joshua,

I understand your frustration with this error. While the above advice may work for most users it might not work for others – unfortunately, solutions to computer errors aren’t always absolute and differ from one computer to another. Take in mind that this might also be a hardware problem. If you’ve tried using the above tool and it didn’t fix the problem, simply contact their support team – they can help you on resolving this error! (They won’t charge anything for that). Once they resolve your error, please post the solution right here so other visitors to this page can learn from your case. Thanks.

Mondi Mar 6, 2012

I hope this works

mdrivers Sep 1, 2011

thanks for post.


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