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Bugcode_Usb_Driver 0x000000FE Blue Screen Error - Repair Guide!

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Bugcode_Usb_Driver 0x000000FE Blue Screen
The good news is that there’s an easy solution to the bugcode_usb_driver 0x000000FE blue screen; however it requires you to conduct a little research before you can repair it. In a moment I’ll explain everything.

This BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) usually occurs randomly, in some other occasions it may crash your Windows while using specific applications and devices.

Why does it happen?
This error means that there’s something wrong with either your USB driver/hardware or a third party’s driver related to your USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection.

3 steps to repair this bugcode_usb_driver blue screen error:

Step-1: Check and update ALL your device drivers
You need to verify that all your device drivers are intact, especially your USB’s hardware driver as well as other devices that are using your USB connection.

Faulty, missing, corrupted or outdated USB/USB related device drivers are the main reason for having this blue screen error.

The safest and most accurate method to detect and repair problematic USB drivers is done via a drivers diagnostic tool. It scans your PC, identifies all your USB devices, detects whether their drivers are intact and compatible, and if it detects any problem, it enables you to replace those drivers with updated and compatible ones.

I’m quite confident that a quick scan via this drivers repair tool is going to reveal that there’s something wrong with at least one of your USB drivers! (Feel free to tell me which one it was).

Step-2: Disconnect your USB devices
If updating all your drivers hasn’t solved the bugcode_usb_driver 0x000000FE blue screen error, then try to disconnect your USB devices one by one. I mean, disconnect the first one, restart your PC and wait to see if the problem re-occurs, if it does, continue with the next device, etc.

If you’ve found out that one of your USB devices causes that, then you’ll have to replace it…

Step-3: USB hardware problem
If up to now the problem hasn’t been solved then it seems like your USB hardware itself needs to be replaced.


What has eventually caused you this bugcode_usb_driver blue screen?
Was it a faulty driver? Which one…? Was it one of your USB devices?
Was it your USB hardware? Share this information with everyone.


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