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Comres.dll Error? Missing? -- Find Out How to Repair it!

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Comres.dll file
Although there are various reasons why a comres.dll error might popup one day, there are two main sources that are connected to each other that cause this error. In a moment I’ll provide more details about how to repair this error.

First of all, it is important that we get to know this file a little better… So...comres.dll (Dynamic Link Library) file is part of your Windows Operating System and it is located under the following path:

C:\Windows\ System32\

As you already know, Windows OS files are critical files and we must always verify that nothing happens to them, otherwise Windows error messages would start popping up and this is the best case…

Error source #1
Unfortunately, due to the importance of this file to Windows OS, it seems like it became “favorite” among several malware developers. In case of a malware infection one/two things usually happen:

(1) Comres.dll gets corrupted
(2) Registration of the file in Windows gets corrupted

Error source #2
Windows OS is quite vulnerable – there’s nothing new about that…
However, there’s one vulnerable Windows component which is responsible for many Windows errors – the registry system. This is where Windows ‘registers’ the paths to .dll files as one example.

Now, imagine that the registration of this dll file somehow got corrupted and Windows can’t find the path to that file – it that case you can expect the following errors messages to pop up:

" File Not Found" or "This application has failed to start…” or “bad image error”

Comres.dll error message

What to do to repair a comres.dll error
Indeed a reliable and updated anti-virus might detect and remove a malware that might have infected your dll file; however it won’t be able to repair the damages it caused to your Windows registry. Now, should the source of the problem be “just” a registry problem, it won’t be able to repair that either...

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

The only way to handle both issues is via a Windows errors repair tool that combines both abilities – detecting and removing malware and/or detecting and repairing damages caused to Windows registry system.


What NOT to do!
I bumped into many users having this problem saying: “Why can't I just download the file from the Web and then replace it with the ‘problematic’ one”…? It won’t work and it won’t repair your comres.dll error - by doing so you risk yourself in getting into deeper problems as you might download the wrong version or an obsolete version or even a virus infected file.


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