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Corefoundation.dll was not Found Applesyncnotifier.exe Repair!

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There are many reasons for having a Corefoundation.dll was not found error; however, in most cases this happens due to a problem with the registration of one of your installed Apple software applications (but not only!). Read on, and I’ll show you how to fix it.

Very important!
The following solution applies to any PC user who experiences this error message no matter if you have any of Apple software applications installed or not. (Although this problem is more common among the users of the various Apple software applications).

Do not try to download this file from unknown sites!
As I’ll explain in a moment, the problem (usually) isn’t with that file and it isn’t missing, so there is no need to replace it. Trying to download it from another site can only get you into more trouble as it might be outdated/buggy/virus infected.

Problem Description
This specific dll file (Dynamic Link Library) is being used by one of your Apple software installed applications (iTunes? QuickTime? MobileMe?...)

There’s high probability that from some reason the registration of one of these applications on your Windows registry system has got damaged.

Each installed program or application is being registered via your Windows registry system, and if something goes wrong with that registration, you won’t be able to properly run one or more of your applications.

The reason is that when you (or another automatic process) try to run that application, Windows cannot find the path to that Corefoundation.dll due to that corruption in the registry system, and it results with the Corefoundation.dll was not found error message.


(1) I'd suggest you to try and reinstall the application that triggers this error. I know, this is obvious, however, this by itself can fix the problem (at least for some of you...).

(2) You need to detect and repair any possibly ‘broken’ registry record that causes this error and fix it. Now of course most of us can’t do that alone, and actually this might be quite risky if it is done improperly, so you’ll need someone professional to take a look at your registry files.

The easiest way to do that is by using an “errors scanner” or a “registry scanning tool”.

Such a Windows errors repair tool quickly scans your registry and tracks the cause to that Corefoundation.dll was not found error. It works this way - after scanning your entire registry system, you’ll receive a detailed report about all your damaged registry records including those related to your problematic dll and/or exe files. Then, all you need to do is to let it automatically repair these errors. By the end of the repair process, I highly recommend you to set it to an automatic scan for at least once a week – from my experience this will save you future headaches and lots of problems.


This error might also popup due to a malware that infected your Corefoundation.dll file as well as damaging your Windows registry. Fortunately, this repair tool detects, removes, and repairs damages caused by Malware. Anyway, feel free to post your comments regarding this error and let me know if you have any further questions.


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Helen May 27, 2012

thank you for the help.

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thank you

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Great information about the I phone repairs i like this article.. macbook repairs


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