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Dbgeng.dll not Found Error -- How to Safely Repair it!

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dbgeng.dll file
As with other similar dll errors the dbgeng.dll not found error has several possible sources that need to be taken care of. By following this quick guide you should be able to resolve this problem even if your technical skills aren’t that high…

Most people complain that this error pops up on startup or when trying to remove applications. Common error messages related to this file usually include either the Not Found or The file…is missing.

I won’t get into too many technical details, but what you should know about this file is that it is from Microsoft Corporation and it is part of your Windows operating system.

Location of this file

Possible causes to dbgeng.dll not found error
It isn’t that difficult to guess that there’s something wrong with that dll file, and most probably it is due to one/several of the following issues:

(1) The file is missing
(2) Malware issue
(3) There’s a registry problem related that file

How to safely repair it:

Case #1: The file is missing from your PC
If you can’t find the file in the following location C:\\Windows\system32\ then from some reason it is missing, and unfortunately the only way to properly retrieve it is by either reinstalling Windows or by using a reliable Windows files repair and replacement tool.

This is the only reliable tool that I know of, that will automatically replace any corrupted or missing file on a Windows OS with a healthy version of the file without having to reinstall Windows. Fortunately, it’ll also handle any malware issues, as well as fixing registry related errors.

Bottom line, this tool simultaneously handles all the 3 issues that I’ve indicated earlier and should be able to safely repair this error.

Case #2: The file already exists on your PC
If dbgeng.dll is in place then the dbgeng.dll not found error is probably caused due to a malware issue or a problem with your Windows registry system. If something went wrong with your registry and Windows can’t for example find the path to this dll file then you can expect Windows to pop up that error message.

The only way to repair a damaged registry, and damage caused to your registry via a malware, is by using a professional Windows errors repair solution. (I personally use it for several years now). And yes, it detects and removes malware as well.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Bottom line, if the dbgeng.dll file exists on your PC, then this solution should easily solve the problem by repairing any registry and/or malware issues that might have caused it to erupt.


Warning! – Don’t be tempted to download this dll file from unknown/untrusted sites. Not only you might risk yourself by downloading a virus infected file, but you might download the wrong version of that file. Using wrong/outdated file might cause additional Windows errors.


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