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Drivers for Multimedia Audio Controller - Latest Driver Download!

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I wrote this quick guide for all those who are looking for their compatible multimedia audio controller drivers. Before I’ll show you where to download and how to install the CORRECT sound drivers for your sound card, I need to warn you about something – this is important!

The problem of having no sound on your computer typically applies to Windows XP Home and XP Professional users, but not always. It usually happens after upgrading to or reinstalling XP, after installing Service Pack 2 and/or 3, or after installing/upgrading other third party programs.

Another reason is mounting an old sound card into a new PC while using incompatible drivers. In some cases you might get that The audio device is not detected or The Multimedia Audio Controller is missing error.

The cause is almost always using incompatible/obsolete/damaged audio drivers or missing drivers.

If you’ll take a look at your computer’s Device Manager’s hardware properties, you’ll usually notice a small yellow exclamation mark icon next to your Sound controllers which indicates a problem with your driver.

Problem #1 – Windows Driver Update won’t work…
If you’re among those who double clicked on that problematic driver and tried to update it from there, just to find out that it doesn’t work/can’t find that driver, then you’re not alone…

Why? You’ll need to ask Microsoft…

Problem #2 – Downloading drivers that crash your PC!
Unfortunately, many users having this problem have no idea what EXACT drivers are required for their sound card (many users don’t even know what sound card they have…), and irresponsibly download and install random drivers for multimedia audio controller from all kinds of sites, including the manufacturer’s site!

Using an outdated/incompatible drivers might get you into more trouble – blue screens of death, additional Windows errors, program crashes, you name it…and I haven’t mentioned driver download sites that let you download virus infected drivers as well!

If you’re not 100% sure about what driver(s) to install – don’t install anything!

Finding and installing the correct driver
How do you know what drivers for multimedia audio controller to install?

Drivers change and get updated by their manufacturers all the time and it is very hard to keep up with that growing list of new and updated drivers.

When it comes to drivers, I NEVER search the web, instead I’m running a quick scan using this drivers scanner– in less than a minute it tells me what sound card I’m using, it then finds and installs the correct (compatible) driver that’ll 100% work with my sound card.

No risks, no guesswork.

This short video demonstrates how it finds the required driver:


Tip – Should this drivers repair tool detect other problems with other system/hardware drivers, then I highly recommend you to update those drivers as well – just to be on the safe side.


  Article Source: Controller__Latest_Driver_Download.html

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juned Nov 8, 2014

multimedia audio controller is missing

Ziko Sep 25, 2014

i need A driver for
Multimedia Audio Controller [UNKNOWN DEVICE]
Chip: C-Media Electronics CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device

Multimedia Audio Controller
Chip Vendor
C-Media Electronics
CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device
please help
and thanks

amar Oct 21, 2013

i want multimedia control

Gopal Singh Aug 27, 2013

i wand mm sound driver

Jonathan Sep 8, 2012

I can't hear sound on my pc.

kkk Apr 22, 2012


shah Fahad Roonjho Apr 18, 2012


wisal khan Feb 29, 2012

i like this driver its very easy to use and very good,,,,,,

xyrosdiola Feb 26, 2012


devinder Feb 1, 2012

lost all speaker sound

rahat Sep 7, 2011


mlenga obed Aug 2, 2011

multimedia audio controller is missing

carlos sotero Jun 14, 2011

lost all speaker sounds!@!

Admin Jun 14, 2011

Carlos, the above drivers repair tool should fix the problem (unless there's a technical/hardware problem with your speakers).


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