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Exe Bad image Error – Fix it with this Tool!

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There are two main reasons why “Exe Bad image” errors occur, and by taking care of those two issues you’ll be able to get rid of this error message. In the next few paragraphs I’ll explain some more about how to handle this problem and completely eliminate it.

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon when this error message pops up. In many cases it includes the following extensions (not always): rundll32, lsass, Services, iexplore, hkcmd, setupwinword, igfxtray, logonui and some other extensions.

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, this error usually erupts due to one main reason: a problem with your Windows registry due to a recent malware attack.

Many malware (malicious software) usually harm one of your Windows most sensitive components – that is the registry system. This is where Windows manages all your application’s installations, updates, and removals. It contains hundreds of records about each and every installed application.

If your registry gets damaged or corrupted because of a malware attack, Windows might not be able to execute one (or more) of your applications properly = error messages start popping up… In that case an anti-virus won’t be much helpful as most anti-virus software solutions aren’t capable of repairing damaged registry records.


In order to be able to repair a damaged registry system and get rid of this “Exe Bad image” error, you’ll need to scan your registry system via a professional PC errors repair tool. These tools focus on detecting and repairing corrupted registry systems. The one that I’ve provided here is capable of handling complex registry damages and I know it is capable of repairing this specific error message.


Fix “Exe Bad image” errors here...


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