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Ftd2xx.dll Was Not Found or Missing Error - How to Repair it!

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 FTD2XX.dll error
In the next post I’ll talk about where this ftd2xx.dll was not found or missing error comes from, and how you can easily repair it. No special technical knowledge is required and I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

The most important thing you should know when you get any error related to this file is that it concerns your USB hardware device.

What do we know of this file?
This dll file (Dynamic Link Library) enables one/several of your PC programs to directly access your USB device. This is done via compatible drivers of course.

Why do you get an ftd2xx.dll error?
There are 2 possible reasons. I’ll specify each reason and what you should do about it.

Drivers problem
This is the most common problem that causes this dll error.
(1) This dll file is either missing from your PC or it got corrupted
(2) It might be OK but it’s registration on Windows got corrupted

Something happened to one or more of your USB device drivers, and the easiest way to find out whether that is the case, is by conducting a drivers diagnostics and repair via an automated drivers scanner.

In a short period of time you’ll get a report about all your PC’s faulty drivers and you’ll be able to know whether something went wrong with your USB device drivers. If that is the case, then at that point you should enable this drivers repair tool to replace the faulty drivers with new ones.

It is critical not to try to manually update your faulty drivers or try to replace this .dll file by yourself. I’ve seen too many people installing incompatible drivers, thus causing additional errors. Also, I wouldn’t recommend downloading dll files from unknown sites as you might download an incompatible or virus infected file.

Hardware problem
This is less common, but if it isn’t a drivers problem then this ftd2xx.dll error is probably caused due to a hardware problem, meaning that you’ll have to replace the defective USB device with a new one.


Once it solved your problem…
Once your problem is solved via the above solution, I’d appreciate it if you can share with us whether this was a drivers problem or a USB hardware device problem.
Thanks in advance!


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