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How to Reinstall Windows XP? Let me Save you all that Headache...

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How to reinstall Windows XP is irrelevant…
Listen, I have no idea about the exact reason that makes you want to know how to reinstall Windows XP but I guess that something went wrong with it…anyway, I found an elegant way to bypass all the hassle and the headache that is involved with reinstalling XP.

The solution that I’m about to tell you is going to save you several good hours of work.
(I’m making a little survey about the efficiency of this solution, so once you’ve finished applying it – post your comment below and let me know what you think of it).

What most users do whenever something serious goes wrong with their operating system (Blue Screens of Death, other crashes and system malfunctions, Windows errors of all kinds etc.) and after unsuccessfully trying all kinds of solutions offered in technical forums, is going to the last and most frustrating resort – reinstalling Windows.

What a headache!

Now go find that XP installation CD and the license key that came with it from a few years back… If you’ve found it then you’re ‘lucky’ and ‘all’ you need to know is how to reinstall Windows XP, right?

But the nightmare just starts here, especially if you’re clueless about installing operating systems. So many configurations…fixes and updates to download. Remember that reinstalling or using XP’s system repair, removes all updates you’ve previously installed and resets many of your preferred settings!

And I haven’t mentioned reinstalling all your other third party software components and their drivers…

We’re talking of at least several good hours of tedious work here.

As I mentioned earlier, I found a pretty elegant, reliable, and easy way to repair Windows XP without having to reinstall it, without a CD, and even if you can’t find your original license key, so eventually the question: how to reinstall Windows XP, becomes irrelevant…

Repairing Windows XP without having to reinstall it
The following solution applies to both Windows XP Home/Professional.
It scans your entire operating system and creates an ‘image’ of your Windows system; it then compares it to an updated ‘optimal and healthy’ Windows XP ‘image’ that resides in its database.

Should it detect any problematic/corrupted sections/files/settings in your operating system that do not ‘fit’ to the optimal Windows XP ‘image’, it’ll automatically replace those parts with fresh and updated ones, pretty clever, isn’t it?

This way it fixes various Windows XP errors and problems.
So instead of reinstalling your entire system, it only ‘reinstalls’ or ‘replaces‘ the bad/problematic parts (takes around 30-60 minutes).

No need to backup/reinstall/configure anything.
I call it ‘how to reinstall Windows XP without having to reinstall it…’.


If your XP crashes immediately after restart, or if it restarts but you can’t install anything, then restart your PC again while pressing the F8 key until you get the option to select ‘Safe Mode’. Select that option so you can continue from there.


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Boy Ihwansyah Sep 2, 2015

very good

nancy b Apr 3, 2013

I do not have a cd and I do not know what you want me to do.

Windows xp help Dec 1, 2011

To reinstall windows XP, put windows xp bootable cd in the drive and restart the computer. Press F8 to put from the cd, then choose the partition which you want to install the windows on it. Press enter for installing.


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