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Java tm Plug-in 2 ssv Helper jp2ssv.dll - Repair Tool!

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If you’re among those who experience the “Java tm Plug-in 2 ssv Helper jp2ssv.dll” error, then the following solution provided here should fix the problem. It isn’t uncommon to get this error message and you can quite easily repair it.


What is this file?
This dll file is part of an Internet Explorer BHO (Browser Helper Object) created by Sun Microsystems, Inc. This plug-in runs automatically each time you open your browser – it allows you to play Java animations.

The file is located in the following path: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin

What causes this error?
This error message is most probably caused by a corrupted registry record related to this dll file. One of your system’s registry records got damaged and that could happen due to the remains of a Malware infection for example. I mean, even if that Malware was already detected and removed by your anti-virus software, your registry must have remained corrupted.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Unfortunately, most anti-virus software won’t and can’t deal with registry repair. However, there is no need to contact a PC repair lab or something like that as there’s a (quite easy) solution for that.

You need to scan your registry and pinpoint that damaged registry record, then it needs to be repaired. In order to do that, you need to install a reliable and professional registry detection and repair tool.

The following Windows errors repair tool should easily fix your “Java tm Plug-in 2 ssv Helper jp2ssv.dll” error as well as detecting any possible Malware or Malware remains that reside on your Windows and registry system. Tip – In order to avoid these problems in the future I highly advise you to set this registry repair tool to automatically conduct a weekly scan to your entire PC. This will prevent potential errors and problems in the future.

I’d like to conduct a little survey among those who encounter this error, so if you’d like to participate, simply scroll down and shortly describe the exact symptoms of this error that you encounter. Thanks in advance.


Repair Java tm Plug-in 2 ssv Helper jp2ssv.dll errors here!


  Article Source: p2ssvdll__Repair_Tool.html

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ray prothro Oct 9, 2018

fix video

tpkaaaa Sep 17, 2018

I'm set up for operating system with 32 xxx, my unit is 64 xxx. How can I boost up to 64 xxx ?

Dan Feb 26, 2018

I need an operating system without JAVA. Every time it updates, it screws something else up.

ATTENTION COMPUTER NERDS: Build an operating system without JAVA...I'll buy it!

MichelF Jul 13, 2017

Thank You !
from MichelF Québec, Canada

Darlene Jan 26, 2017

In the words of... Linda Collum on Apr 5, 2015
"I hate java.... Everytime I get 1 quirk fixed another pops up to infuriate me. Speaking of pop-ups, java won't let me play some of my favorite games on pogo even though I have played them numerous times before. I am going to delete or remove java once again, reinstall it , once again to see if this fixes my problem. I just freakin' hate java."

My story exactly!!! I hope it helps... I was able to play pogo games earlier... now Im having both ssv & ssv2 helpers say that its incompatible. Im very close to tossing this whole machine out out my bedroom window... argh

virginia Oct 8, 2016

can never print coupons and java is installed ive done ecerything

roger curd Jun 6, 2016

my java plugin says crashed how do I fix that

Leah Jan 29, 2016

I'm wondering if you can help me. I had Java installed, used it, worked fine. Tried to use it a couple of hours later and it wouldn't work. Have done a system restore to the day prior, but still no luck. Uninstalled Java, reinstalled and still getting messages that say Application blocked for security, Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed. I have had a go at putting Java down on the exception rule site, but still no luck. I can't understand how it worked in one instance and only a short while later would not. I did not personally make any changes to the computer during that time (only thing I can think of was maybe there was an automatic update). I am not computer savvy and am extremely frustrated. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. L

Randy Shrpe Sep 18, 2015

I am sure it has to do with trying to open an old Pacasa 3 cxf photo file, I do need help opening that cxf photo file from Pacasa

Pam Sep 6, 2015

I like to play Canasta on but as I use Google Chrome it is telling me that it no longer supports Java. Is there any way I can get around this problem please?

Butch Dailey Sep 3, 2015

Just problems playing games! But (with your help thank you.)

Denzil Barr Aug 30, 2015

The java runtime object is incompatible with windows. Same for the ssv helper and ssv 2 helper.

Hanne Afschrift Aug 23, 2015

not found a file

Shirley Hedrick Jul 26, 2015

Internet explorer quits and says it will find out what is wrong and correct it and it still does it quite often. Then sometimes java comes up and I need to check the updates and it is usually updated.

fivestar Jul 3, 2015

internet problam

Linda Collum Apr 5, 2015

I hate java.... Everytime I get 1 quirk fixed another pops up to infuriate me. Speaking of pop-ups, java won't let me play some of my favorite games on pogo even though I have played them numerous times before. I am going to delete or remove java once again, reinstall it , once again to see if this fixes my problem. I just freakin' hate java.

Amos Jan 27, 2015

Hi Yaron,
What is SSV and what does it do? Also I have a Malaware software, do I need Norton?

Abdul Oct 28, 2014

I have windows 8.1 and installed java jre 8_25 but having difficult to very the installed java with all the three browsers.

Also not able to access skillport application which uses java

Francesco Aug 12, 2014

I would like to ask you a question: is it possible that by installing Internet Explorer 11 on my windows 7 operating system, 32 mbs service pack 1, I can no longer see my surveillance circuit?. When I try to open the browser Explore 11 by clicking on the icon of the Web for DVR, Clent 11 internet stops working. With Internet explorer 8-9, is much better, the computer is faster; ultimately if you can block windows updates for the Internet Explorer browser 11; because I hurt the system. Otherwise please help me understand why 11 doesn't work. Thank you.

siv hilde edvardsen Jun 21, 2014

fĂĄr ikke instalert java

John V Jun 6, 2014

First, thank you for offering/sharing your knowledge. As well as your generosity, to do so on a voluntary basic.

Anyway, as to how my pc was behaving pretty much nothing out of the norm. With the one exception it began progressively getting slower. I did all the obvious troubleshooting and steps to fix ((temp files, stopped pointless background functions, malware removal etc )) It helped a little but...There is one thing I just thought of. Here lately, the past couple of weeks, I have been seeing the"Not Responding" quite often. And, perhaps, the most interesting thing about the "Not Responding" issue goes back and forth. One minute it's working, a few minutes later it's not responding back & forth, back & forth. Thanks Again

Grzegorz May 18, 2014

I can't unistall Yava 6 or install a new version 7. What should I do

Nancy Carmack Apr 17, 2014

I'm PC Illiterate. I've learned the bacics over the years but that's about it. I'm having trouble with a setting, I think. All the photos on my Facebook friends and Family pages are only little red x's !! I have noooooo idea what happened !! I went searching for help and found I may need a Explorer update !! But it says for Vista I have to go to XP First then buy a $119.00 soft-ware download. Everything else seems to be ok. I don't understand what's happening.. Can you help me ? Please.. I'm 67 years old and I love my PC. Thank you sooooo much. Bless your day !!!

joe vanatta Feb 23, 2014

Can't finalize adobe flash player so I can play 8 ball on mini clips
tried to follow instructions will down load then nothing.
Thank you.

Whitney Feb 21, 2014

I have tried to download java for 2 hours now it keeps coming back with I did not download it. I need help I have a new computer and I don't understand why I can't get it.

Anup A Dhote Nov 28, 2013

I am asked to download latest java, but its already installed on my pc, how do I move forward and get my bank webpage to open


I have downloaded java software and installed it successfully but I am logging my net banking a message appears as your browser is not java enabled.

Vivica Nov 9, 2013

trying to play yahoo spades and sysytem is not allowing pop up blockers

lynnit tell me Sep 30, 2013

i am having trouble with the install of java it says it was installed and I enable it in my browser and when in to verify page it states theres an error and it can not verify if I have java help

WILLIAM May 27, 2013

I can not get into yahoo games with java why ?

mike stanley May 19, 2013

I canot log onto Pogo. All I get is a flashing screen.

Carolyn Webb May 1, 2013

I keep getting a message that the 10.12.12 version is not installed properly. I keep clicking yes but get the same message. What am I doing wrong.

Andree Apr 13, 2013

bonjour, IE probleme: Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 packtage d installation PRO 11 MSI novice merci de bien vouloir m aider a reparer

Judy Apr 12, 2013

I cannot play games unless I have toolbar Java tm I have it in programs but it appears to not be working? I have way to many people downloaded java programs still in reg.files but none seem to work? Thank you.

adela ochoa Mar 11, 2013

quiero instalar java script

James Jan 16, 2013

My Toolbars and Extentions are blocked, I can't send an E-mail it is asking for a digital ID and I'm upset with this.

iphigenie Jan 16, 2013


I'm at work, I am trying to do something online, but I'm having proble saying that: java applet failed to load? How can I fix the problem?

Elaine Dec 29, 2012

OK, I enabled the "Helper". How will I know if it worked or not? Thanks for responding so fast.

Yaron Dec 29, 2012

Leave it enabled for a couple of days – just see that no errors related to this file pop up.

Elaine Dec 28, 2012

Me again. I didn't tell you exactly what my computer is telling me. It
says "the Helper" is ready for use & I can enable or not enable.

Thanks again.

Yaron Dec 28, 2012

Hi Elaine,

Enable it and let me know if it creates any errors.

Elaine Dec 28, 2012

Hello Yaron....I've red'd a message on the bottom of my computer asking me if I want to enable or not enable the Java tm plug-in 2 SSV Helper add-on from Oracle America. I haven't had any errors about this so do I want to enable or wait till I receive the error?

I appreciate your help on this matter.
Thank you, Elaine

chris Dec 16, 2012

pour pouvoir s'enregistré il faux un clé ou pui-je trouvé cette clé

Juanita Hawkins Nov 25, 2012

Problem with email page as soon as it is turned on, the toolbars and the e-main message space splits.

claudia Nov 14, 2012

No he podido firmar el documento con firma digital en la pagina de la dian, gracias.

Beverly Kelso Nov 4, 2012

Name Java(tm) Plug-In SSV Helper
Publisher Oracle America, Inc.
Status Enabled
Load time 0.08 s

Name Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper
Publisher Oracle America, Inc.
Status Enabled
Load time 0.36 s

Are both of these legitimate Java functions? My system was hacked and I am trying to verify.

Yaron Nov 4, 2012

Hi Beverly,
According to your provided description they do seem to be legitimate, however, just to be on the safe side I'd recommend you to scan your PC via MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) for any malware (it's free b.t.w).

DON DRABIK Oct 13, 2012

Why can't I get Java Runtime to show up in my browser tools? I need it to load a program and it won't work.

Donna Barnes Aug 26, 2012

Thank you

Yaron Aug 26, 2012

You’re welcome.

pedro May 7, 2012

exelente muchas gracias

azooz Apr 15, 2012

thanxxxx .. :*

julie Feb 19, 2012

New 2012 update of Kaspersky advised of security risk with Java, thanks for info, much appreciated, can engage windows repair tool.

florence Feb 1, 2012

i un installed java now wont let me install it

Admin Feb 1, 2012

What exactly happens when you try to reinstall Java? Please provide more details.

garba Dec 11, 2011

thank you

charlottr Dec 11, 2011

i keep getting error message re: my java... i kept down loading and uninstalling the java and nothing worked. i hope this will resolve the problem.

Rick Burton Sep 5, 2011

I can't edit posts on a repair site I answer questions for. Webmaster gave me an update link for java and problem solved for that one time only. I made sure it was enabled in internet options and manage add ons. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Java but no change. If this is a different issue than discussed here I appologise.

safril.sapunk Aug 7, 2011

turn on (optional)

Cora Aug 6, 2011

I enjoy games site, but lately, I have not been able to log in. I keep geting this error:Pogo Games use Java. You need to install Java to play this game. But when I try to install, it states the software is already installed and ask if I wanted to re-install. When I install, I just keep getting the same message.

Admin Aug 6, 2011

This is a different issue than discussed here, anyway, make sure you install the latest Java from

Jeanette Han Jul 16, 2011

Hi, I am unable to access my financial insitution's internet banking page. It says link request not permitted. My Java is enabled (that is the thing to check, according to the bank) but could it be to do with damage to the Java plug-in helper? Many thanks, Jeanette

Admin Jul 16, 2011

Hi Janet,
The problem that you've just described is a different issue then what’s explained in this article and it requires a different solution. I suggest you to Google “link request not permitted” -  you’ll find plenty of posts that explain exactly how to solve the specific problem.

edgar rincon garcia Jul 14, 2011

deseo instalar adobe

Admin Jul 14, 2011

Hi Edgar,
Can you post your question in English please?


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