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Lpk.dll Missing Error – Do the Following in order to Repair it!

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There are two main reasons why this annoying lpk.dll missing error pops up, and very shortly I’ll explain what actions are required in order to eliminate it. The solution I’ll provide is relevant to all popular Windows platforms.

First off, some quick details about this .dll file (Dynamic Link Library).

This file is part of Microsoft Windows® OS, and it serves multilingual users by enabling them to easily create or edit files and documents in various languages.

It is usually located in the following path:
C:\Windows\system32\ or under C:\Windows

What causes errors associated with this file
As mentioned earlier there are two known issues associated with this file that cause lpk.dll missing errors to erupt:

(1) Malware infection
(2) Registry issues

Should this file get infected and/or its registration via Windows registry system gets damaged, you can expect this error to popup whenever you try to open (almost) any application and in many cases those applications won’t even be able to open up.

A typical Windows error message associated with this dll files include the "This application failed to start because lpk.dll was not found" and other “missing” or “Not Found” errors.

What to do in order to repair it
The best way to handle this issue is using an appropriate Windows errors repair tool that:

(1) Detects and removes malware
(2) Repairs damages caused to Windows registry system by malware
(3) Detects and repairs damages caused to Windows registry system by other sources

I’d like to clarify one important thing – professional and updated anti-virus software should indeed be able to detect and remove malware, however unfortunately most of them aren’t able to repair damages caused to your registry system because of that malware or because of any other reason.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

To summarize - in order to repair lpk.dll missing errors run a quick scan via this tool (b.t.w I’m using it for several years in order to resolve other errors) and let it detect the exact source of the problem and then repair it.


Important Tip! - If after restarting Windows you can’t run/install any application because of this error, then restart Windows, but this time do it in ‘Safe Mode’ (Push the F8 key while Windows restarts and select ‘Safe Mode’), then install and scan Windows via this repair tool.


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Joe Oct 10, 2013

I am getting the message LPK.dll is missing when trying to use the software on my system. I downloaded the fixer program onto a flash drive on another computer and copied it to the problem system. I'm getting the same message when I try to install the fixer program. I cannot use any of the browsers on the system so I can not connect to the internet. Please advised.
Thank you,

Lee Lee Feb 27, 2012

I can't even install the repair tool, lpk.dll missing to scan?

Admin Feb 27, 2012

As mentioned, in that case you need to restart Windows in Safe Mode (Click the link for instructions), then download and install the scanning tool while in Safe Mode. Let me know if that helps.


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