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Magcore dll missing Error – Here is How to Repair it!

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In order for you to repair a magcore dll missing error you need to understand where it comes from. Keep reading – I’ll provide all details about this error message and possible ways for you to repair it.

OK, just for you to know, this dll file belongs to ArcSoft and it seems that from some reason your Windows system isn’t able to access/find that file, that is why it keeps popping up this irritating error message.

I know that some users complain about getting this error while using their Internet browser and especially when opening a new tab, but this error might erupt in other situations as well. I have no idea about your exact situation, but one thing is quite clear – it probably comes from a single point of failure in your Windows.

Windows contains an important and quite significant component – it is called the ‘registry system’, I’m sure you must have heard of that before. Anyway, from some reason one of your ArcSoft’s registry records got damaged, resulting in Windows inability to find and use that dll file = error message. This isn’t uncommon (unfortunately) as it is known that the registry system of Windows is quite vulnerable.

What you need to do is to pinpoint that problematic registry record and repair it. Now, of course this is a complicated task for most Windows users, so in that case you need to install a registry repair tool.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

A professional registry repair tool should be able to easily detect and correct that damaged registry records and eventually eliminate that magcore dll missing error.

Anyway, feel free to post any comments and/or add your tips regarding this error. I'd also like to collect more information about the exact error messages that pop up, so feel free to post a quick description of the exact error message that you've encountered.


It is highly advised to conduct a complete scan including scanning all your system and hardware drivers.


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Rusty Feb 4, 2012

What is magcore.dll? I have been getting an error message constantly regarding this....Where did it originate from? Please advise.

Admin Feb 4, 2012

It is part of an ArcSoft ( application(s) installed on your computer.

Reinstalling that application(s) might solve the problem, otherwise it might be an application/file path problem or an application shortcut problem, and the easiest way to find that out is via the repair tool described in this post.

Marvin Goins Jan 11, 2012

I do not get an error message ,But I have a screensaver maker ,and I make a Screensaver ,and it doesn't play properle . It skips , stops ,and studders and the software help said it was missing MagCore.Dll ?? I don't really know ,but would like to find out Thanks Marvin

Admin Jan 11, 2012

Have you tried scanning your PC via the above tool in order to detect the source to this error?


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