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Netsh.exe Error -- Repair Guide!

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Netsh.exe error
There are usually three reasons that cause a Netsh.exe error and in the following post I’ll explain more about this executable and the way to repair the common errors related to this file. I hope you’ll find this quick repair guide useful.

What is Netsh.exe?
Net Shell - this is a legitimate Windows OS file. Actually, this tool is provided by Microsoft within your Windows OS. It enables administrators to configure and monitor Windows OS based PCs at a command prompt. You can find it under the following path: C:\Windows\System32.

Common known errors
Users whom are having problems and errors related to this file usually encounter these problems right after booting their machines. They usually encounter the following: This application has failed to start because Netsh.exe was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Cisco’s Network Magic users report that their anti-virus program flags Netsh.exe together with other Network Magic file as virus infected.

Causes to this error
As I mentioned earlier there are three possible reasons for this error:
(1) Malware infection of that file
(2) False positive virus alert from your anti-virus about this file - applies to Cisco’s Network Magic users.
(3) Incorrect/missing/corrupt registered file paths related to this file

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Scan for possible malware infections
I highly recommend you to use/switch to a reliable anti-virus program such as Microsoft’s free anti-virus program called: Microsoft Security Essentials.

If no virus/malware has been detected…

(2) Are you using Cisco’s Network Magic?
If you do, then uninstall it, reboot your PC, then download the latest version of this program and reinstall it. As far as I found out, this should fix the problem for Cisco’s Network Magic users. Some of their versions make several anti-virus programs think by a mistake that Netsh.exe is a virus… anyway, reinstalling Network Magic’s latest version should fix this.

Problem still not solved…?

(3) Detect and repair Netsh.exe related error
Download the following errors repair tool – it’ll conduct an in-depth scan to your Windows and try to identify any errors (missing/corrupt file paths) related to this executable. By the end of the scan you’ll receive a detailed report about all open errors – see if it had found anything related to this file, and if so, enable it to repair these errors.


Was that helpful?
Let me know which of the following options had helped you to repair this error. Anyway, if you’ve found other ways to repair it, feel free to share it with everyone else by posting your comments below.


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