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Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded – Repair!

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Runtime error r6002
The first thing I can say about Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded is that it can become nothing but a pain in the…anyway, I’ve prepared the following step-by-step quick guide which I believe should solve this problem for most users.

Common symptoms of this error
First of all, this error isn’t unique to this program or another; it usually occurs and may occur whenever you try to run programs such as Windows Media Player, Firefox, Winrar etc. Usually, Windows pops up an error message that indicates which programs caused this error.

Again, those are the most typical symptoms that most users run into with this error, however as you’ve probably already noticed, the Web is full of forum posts about various other situations where this error erupts.

Possible causes to this error
To make it clear – there isn’t one specific cause that I can point out that causes this Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded, however, there are few factors that usually cause it to erupt:

(1) Virus or spyware infection
(2) Incorrect software installation or removal
(3) Corruption of program files
(4) Missing program files


Step-by-step repair guide
As mentioned earlier, there several common factors that cause this error, so let’s handle them one by one.

(1) Scan for viruses and spyware
Use a reliable anti-virus program such as Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s free (for anyone with a genuine Windows system) and I found it much more reliable than all the other free anti-virus solutions.

If no viruses/spyware were found then…

(2) Uninstall the related program
When Windows pops up that error message, see if it indicates a program name or a path to a specific program file. Once you identify that program – uninstall it!

In many cases it is MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++.

(3) Delete all that program’s related files and folders
If any files and folders that belong to that program are left on your HD –delete them.
Attention! Just to be on the safe side – before you do that, open a new folder on your desktop and keep a backup of those files and folders.

(4) Re-install the latest version of that program and restart your PC
If it was MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++ then download it from here .

In most cases, following these 4 steps should solve the problem.

If not, then there’s probably a problem with one or several incorrect/corrupt file/application paths, program shortcuts, etc.

(5) Detect the source(s) to this error
Use the following Windows errors scanner (free scan) to conduct an in-depth scan to your entire Windows system. By the end of the scan it’ll provide you with a detailed report about the various errors that it has detected.

Scanning Windows system for existing errors

Scanning Windows system for existing errors

Go over the list of errors - see if it has detected the source to this Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded error.



Post your comments
Feel free to post your comments (below) on this quick repair guide.


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yash Jun 21, 2016

Hello sir

As per ur steps when I go to.remove microsoft visual c++ in add.or.remove then it does not show the microsoft visual c++ but still when I connect my reliance dongle the the error still.appear.

How could I remove it. Plz. Help

Nirupam Kar Feb 20, 2016

hey dood!!! just re install the program or game. now creat a zip file your main program or game exe file. when the error appear just extract the zip exe file and replace your program or game exe file. yes use the zip file as a crack file. all so work on dill file. READ CAREFULLY AND ENJOY

abdul nazar Jan 10, 2016


many times felt problems with runtime error 6002 floating poit not loaded.please help me

haseem Jul 21, 2014

Sir, many times felt problems with runtime error 6002 floating poit not loaded.

xKekko Jun 30, 2014

I have this error in "Castle Crashers" game please help

shahid May 31, 2014

i have runtime error r6002 flotpoint support not loaded in my iball doungle also after the window re instolation

sunil kumar Mar 10, 2014

Sir, many times felt problems with runtime error 6002 floating poit not loaded.

Ali Akbar Jul 14, 2013

please make this as you posible.

bobby Apr 27, 2013

It is like much.

j carlos Apr 13, 2013

hola amigo espero buena de buena salud y siga ayudándonos en estos menesteres a mi también me pasa el problema del ,runtime error 6002, mi motherboard es gigabyte z77 core i7 RAM 16gb AMD disco duro de 2 tbs no tengo aun 1 tarjeta de vídeo también mi pc se cuelga cuando inserto un cd o esta encendida mas de media hora y me sale el mensaje ...reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press key? por favor si pudiera ud orientarme de antemano ...muchas gracias ...saludos

mayur Apr 12, 2013

sir, i get this problem when i try to open picasa and many other folders

syedvaseemaadil Mar 29, 2013

my lap shows runtime error for sleeping dogs game how can i fix it...

john Agnish Barik Mar 17, 2013

My computer always shows that running time error floating point not loaded.

Sumit Misra Mar 8, 2013

Sir, many times felt problems with runtime error 6002 floating poit not loaded.

samuel Dec 21, 2012

I have many Microsoft visuals - which 1 should I uninstall ?? I have Microsoft 2005 - 2008 - 2010 and I deleted 2010 cuz Microsoft 2010 in the link which you put it to download it . After I downloaded it I uninstalled Microsoft 2010 and reinstalled it but there is no new happen the problem has not fixed yet pllllllllllz help.

rajesh Nov 25, 2012

Sir my computer r6002 not working.

kumar Nov 21, 2012

Sir, many times felt problems with runtime error 6002 floating poit not loaded.

Pierre Travis Nov 17, 2012

Thank you so much for a wonderful guide...kudos!

ASHARAF Oct 28, 2012

i am suffering by this problem and I am not able to simulate my PLC projects, please help me to solve this problem

mark Ivans Sep 28, 2012

Hi Yaron,

Thanks for the link I have sent query through to them - I will let you know what they come up with.

Many Many Thanks,


mark Ivans Sep 27, 2012

Dear Sir
Thank you for your advice. For 2 days I have tried to resolve the problem ref:r6002 I followed all instructions and when I reinstalled the program that which I was having problems with it worked fine until I restarted the program later. I again followed all instructions even paying for speedy PC pro. I rebooted the computer after carrying out all of the scans and now Speedy pc Pro comes up with R6002 so I can't even use that program now. I tried to download MICROSOFT CISUAL C++ But my computer was telling me that I already have the latest version of this installed. As the program I am trying to load is very important to my busines have you any solutions that might help I am using windows XP on a Toshiba notebook Regards Mark

Yaron Sep 27, 2012

Hi Mark,

I provided all details that I know of to repair this error in the above post…
Now, since you’ve registered your SpeedyPC Pro’s installation, what I suggest is to simply post the problem here – that’ll reach SpeedyPC Pro’s support experts.
They should provide solutions both to your SpeedyPC Pro’s installation and with the R6002 error.
Please let me know once they solved your problem what their solution was.



bharat sakaria Sep 21, 2012

While uninstalling vmware software from windows xp sp3 machine i am getting "Runtime Error r6002 Floating Point Support not Loaded"

obnuchious Sep 2, 2012

I'm having the same problem as Gunjal. Can anyone help me?

Gunjal Aug 30, 2012

Hi Shourya..... You might be getting this error only with specific program. Just copy that folder to a short location life d: or e: so that when next time you will access it you will be able to see the actual location.
And Yaron many thanx for the reply, I will try this 2day.....

shourya Aug 28, 2012

When i get the error i try to find location of program the path shown is C/:pr... only what should i do?

Yaron Aug 28, 2012

In that case try skipping step 3, then in step 4 try reinstalling the latest version of MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++ as explained. Let me know if that helped.

Gunjal Aug 23, 2012

Sir I tried all of your steps, I even format my system as well so as to make it free from any error and virus but I am still getting the same problem. As going to detail I am getting these errors with only specific games, when I am installing them they are working but after restarting my system I am getting the same error and I have to install it again. If you need any other information let me know and please suggest.

Ayush Jain Aug 22, 2012

Thank u so much sir .......:)

Matt Bianconi Aug 20, 2012

Thanks soooooooooooooo... much for this, i've downloaded all the programs, haven't tried to see if it works yet but it looks like they are doing the trick :)

Avishek Aug 7, 2012

Hello sir... essential info u've provided here... but the runtime error msg pops up even when to unistall that particular pgrm & therefore cancelling the uninstall process... so how to eradicate it ??

aaron Aug 4, 2012

good information

VooDoo Jul 19, 2012

Hey Sir . What Do You Mean By Step 3 ? :/
shall i delete the games giving me these errors or wut ?:/

Admin Jul 22, 2012

Yes, that's what I meant in Step #3, remove that program/game and its related files from your PC, then reinstall it.

Piyush Jain Jun 28, 2012

thank you for a right and free advise to fix the error.

Admin Jun 29, 2012

You're welcome.

ab May 28, 2012

how to fix run time error?pls help about it

asyrafsani May 12, 2012

Hey! how about me? I have my window xp installed on D/ the install win 7 on drive /C still got same problems why? Anyway I did't scan for viruses they detect the program like rocketdock think it is a false alert.

errol gonzaga May 12, 2012

i do the 4th step but the error always pops up again? why?

Admin May 12, 2012

Try first to remove MICROSOFT VISUAL C ++ , then download the latest version and reinstall. If still not working go to step 5...

hemangini May 6, 2012

give an easy way to deal with it

Admin May 6, 2012

This is the easiest possible...

akbar May 1, 2012

its very helpful 4 me thank you sir...

dumpit Apr 18, 2012

i will try to fix now

jason Apr 6, 2012

simply restore the system ....that's the best thing to do trust me...u don't need to follow these is way too time consuming....

Jaber Apr 3, 2012

Many thanks !!

Christopher Mar 24, 2012

What Are you Meaning? I dont Understand what you talking about

Bimal Poddar Mar 13, 2012

I ran into the same issue. My executable was working. Made a code change and recompiled and started getting this error. I knew that the problem could not originate from the things listed here. Fortunately, I knew the changes that I made and tracked it down. Instead of using "%5d" for printing something, I had a typo - "%fd".

K.H Pandurangi Mar 12, 2012

I tried hard. but could not fix the Runtime error R6002.can U help?

Admin Mar 12, 2012

The solutions provided here work for most of the users - have you tried everything described in this post? If the answer is yes, then please provide more details about your system and when exactly you encounter this error.

Riyan Mar 6, 2012

thanks for the tips bro :)

Rezaul Hoque Feb 22, 2012

Thanx for all comment.

christine Feb 22, 2012

i find the answers given smart and i like the author

Admin Feb 22, 2012

Hi Christine,
Thanks for your feedback.
I hope it helped you to solve this problem.

sad Feb 19, 2012

doesn't work for me ;((((((((((((((((

Admin Feb 19, 2012

What doesn't work....? Have you tried everything mentioned above?
Please provide more details.

Subrat Feb 15, 2012

aah mein tird of uninstlling nd reinstalling the game..can any one help :(

prakash Feb 7, 2012

runtime support not loaded r6002

Woody Feb 5, 2012

Had same error problem for Media Player Classic...
Solved by installing :
2) 'Upgrading' my Windows XP through its CD
3) Reinstalling the subject software...

All the Windows files were reinstalled and softwares remained the same.
Error was gone..
Cheers :)

Robert Feb 2, 2012

Simply scan with malwarebytes, fix all problems, then...


online download from microsoft at

After the malware scan and fix, the re-install took 2 minutes and i've had no problems since.
Good luck fellows :)

kelvin Jan 20, 2012

hope this will work 4 me , =D ! wan play garena liao . tired uninstall n install back 6 times in 1 day 4 ply game only , LUL !

roldfox12 Dec 25, 2011

Scanning atm..hope it'll help

BK20179 Dec 21, 2011

Umm.. i tried using regcure and other registry fix tool(including this one) and also AVG,it didn't work ,almost every application that uses visual c++ get this error,please help

Admin Dec 21, 2011

Please read my reply to Jao from Dec 18, 2011 - in your case I suggest you to contact their support and ask them to provide a solution.
Just to be on the safe side - have you used the above tool to detect and replace ALL your outdated drivers?
Let me know if these suggestions have helped you to resolve this problem.

jao Dec 18, 2011

does this actually work??? I get the feeling this is one of those Dl and then it goes you have to buy this to use it and pops up whenever you start your pc and then refuses to be uninstalled.

Admin Dec 18, 2011

Hi Jao,
As you can see in the comments below it already worked for others.
Yes, you need to pay (ridicules cost) for it to repair the problem.
You can un-install it at anytime and it WON'T bother you again.
I recommend the above Windows errors repair tool because it is backed up with strong human PC experts support, so if for some reason the tool hasn’t been able to fix the runtime error r6002 then these guys will find the solution and support you until your problem is solved (at NO extra cost!).

Try it and let us know how it solved your problem.

royce Dec 3, 2011

hope it will work scanning ight now

mark:) Dec 3, 2011

i wish it will work :)))

lyn Nov 18, 2011

this worked for me thanks alot! luv yah :)


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